Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Sunday, 3 May 2015


 I know, I typed the whole word in capitals. No, I am not yelling it, cripes, no sense in hollering something that appears to have left the world I live in.
 Really, it is a difficult word to accept. Not many people enjoy bearing this weighty word. I don't! I hate having to accept the damn stuff, but, I suppose I am one of a dying breed, I cannot ignore that, which I am responsible for. The moment I managed to do anything other than sleep, void bodily fluids, and burp, I became responsible for my own actions. The moment I packed my belongings and headed out the door, I became pretty much responsible for ME. As I got older, I added to my responsibilities. I got jobs, I got bills, I netted a partner, I had children, I brought pets into my life. Every single thing that was, is, and may some day be, adds to my list of what I am responsible for. The list is freaking massive! It surrounds me  every single moment of my life, but, that is part of living, right?
  There are plenty days that I would love to just jump into the shower and wash all my damn responsibilities away. Some, well, some, I enjoy, and others I actually love, but, there is a whole sh*tload I can't stand. I think if it came to a weighing contest, the sh*tload would win. But, along with the good, there is bad, and again, that is life.
  To wake up on a random morning, and simply decide, today I am not going to deal with my responsibilities? Imagine, if this same morning, the rest of the world woke up, and made the same decision? No heat, no power, no TV, and heaven forbid, no cell service, or internet! Hey,why do some feel that they, and they alone, can totally become oblivious to their responsibilities? They would be the first to whine if someone else decided to forget theirs, especially if it affected their lives.
  The world runs, because....enough people accept the lot they must carry through life. They accept that they have to shovel a ton of sh*t before they reach the shinola. Shinola does not just appear at specific folk's doors, because they are "special". O.K. maybe if they win the lottery, but, in most cases it dribbles in after a whack of sh*t has been shoveled. Those folks who shovel diligently away, doing what they are required to do, accepting their responsibilities, only to have others wash theirs away when the urge hits them, have to pick up the slack.
  But, there comes a time when the burden of accepting other folk's responsibilities becomes too much. The acceptance is never done without complaint, it is not done, and then forgotten. The extra burden often pushes the sh*t shoveler over the edge. If the shoveler felt that this burden would be lifted off their shoulders, when they felt the urge to forget, maybe it would be easier, but, that is seldom the case.
  So, either this world had best get a grip, and clue in, we ALL must be responsible, and along with that acknowledgement, will follow consideration. This follows, because when you carry your responsibilities around with you, you understand , everyone else has a list as long as yours, if not longer. You certainly don't want to have some of their sh*t landing on your load, because you understand how hard it is to manage the sh*t pile you own.
  Wait till you finish shoveling to enjoy your shinola. Don't feel that you are the only one entitled to shinola, because you are NOT!! Don't  dump your sh*t on a pile it doesn't belong, because one day, it is going to explode, and you will no longer have a shovel to dig your way out!