Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Saturday, 9 May 2015

To Kill A Mockingbird

 I know, that title graced one of the finest books ever written, long ago. The reason I used it...because To Kill A Mockingbird, was the first time I caught a glimpse of what Racism truly was. As I said way back when, I didn't have a clue about discrimination.  I believe children are open slates, and racism is a lesson taught by those in control of their tiny worlds. Hey, I acknowledge that some folks were bad mouthed in my childhood home, but generally those folks were me, and it was likely because I wanted things that others had, and apparently I had to jump off bridges with them to get the stuff...have yet to jump off a bridge, so...there are still a whack of people who have stuff I would like to own.
  Anyhow..we are veering away from the Mockingbird, and as small as that winged creature is, it sure causes a whack of havoc. I have found in the past two days...yes, just two days, discrimination, intolerance, and racism appear to have increased in my tiny world. We hear how the world has grown, how we no longer care about sexual orientation, skin colour, religion etc, we are all, as the bible says...created equal, so WTF is going on?
  One friend posts a picture of a bill board thrown up along a busy highway in his highly developed country (The USA) with a huge picture of a Black person ( I use this term because I am sorry, African American is such a blanket term, we should all know by now,  folks of the darker hued skin, did NOT all originate in Africa) stating under the photo they did not chose to be born with that skin colour, and...right beside is a picture of a Gay Male (well we presume he is Gay) stating he, on the other hand, chose to be Gay. This is so bizarre. I am not a medical professional, nor a scientist of any sort. I do not understand genetics, except that sometimes things like facial characteristics and freckles, and feet resemble those of others in the family tree. But..not everyone decides to fall in love with a girl like Great, Great, Great Grandpa Tom found , or the guy Aunty Bessie couldn't keep her hands off of. That would sort of imply incest, or at least cause some really strange crap. Attraction is NOT genetic, a person does not pick who is going to cause their hearts to beat quickly. Sexual orientation is not something one decides, it is not our brains that send out a signal when we fall in love, it is our hearts. In this time, with all the studies and all the facts out there for folks to sift through, only a total lunatic would think people choose to love a male or female! Gay folks, like people with skins of every colour, are born, not processed. That billboard, in the year 2015, is a statement, one that sends a clear message, we have NOT grown as human beings, we are still allowing the dark stinking clouds of intolerance to hang thick. Folks should know by now, to throw sh*t like this out into public, simply shows how very un Christian they are. Gay folks are NOT lepers, they are NOT prostitutes, they are NOT criminals, all of which were welcomed by the Son of God. Why on earth would those who spew the word of God as their "crib sheet"to live life the way they are expected to, pick those who simply find those of their own sex, attract them?
  Today, I was hit by yet another bag of feces. A simple chat with my buddy and another, and before we knew what hit us, we were informed that the Indians must have got their money! They were all over the place! Now, keep in mind, we are actually speaking First Nations here,in case you mistook the conversation was about East Indian folks. No, I am not even attempting to make light of this, because, it sickened me! It seems the person we were speaking to, was under the impression BC Hydro had handed out a whack of money to FN folks to "shut them up" about Site C. WTF???? As someone who has been following the proceedings with Site C, I am fully aware FN's right at this moment, are in court trying to put a stop to this project. If they are in court, why on earth would they be wandering about our dinky little town, with their pockets full of "shut-up" money? "INDIANS" said with that nasty odour of distaste. Oh, sure I was instantly up in arms, perhaps I was a tad loud with my statement of facts in this matter, while all along I really felt like telling this person to kiss my buttocks. I was shocked, my friend was shocked, but, sadly, neither of us was surprised. Arrogance, a feeling of somehow, again, through birth, one is superior, when in truth, one is simply stupid, uneducated, and unwilling to see truth when it smacks them in the face, is rampant. I believe it is caused by the stubborn refusal to accept facts, because one feels they deserve everything everyone else gets (without jumping off that bridge)
     Perhaps as I age, I understand it is the many different cultures and colours that add to the world? Maybe because I have lived in a "mixed" relationship for almost 1/2 of my life? Maybe because I grew up in a small town, that was damn limited to other my own age, so who your ancestors were, didn't matter diddly? I have very high standards for those I decide to add to my collection of friends, skin colour, sexual orientation, food preference, or choice of clothing, are NOT part of the equation.
  I am just very sad. I had hoped more people had read that beautiful, thought provoking book. I had hoped that things were finally getting better. Clearly nothing has changed!