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Friday, 8 May 2015

History in The Making

Now, once again politics seems to be filling the empty space between my ears. After 80 years, the province next door became so tired of getting screwed by their political party, they voted another in. That was absolutely insane..but no doubt caused by desperation. I wish Albertans well, but, sadly I hold little hope for them.I expect if they had a party named the Alberta Party, with the platform that they would speak for the province, those folks would have been elected, but...they really didn't have a choice.
The Scottish National Party (SNP) (Scottish Gaelic: PĂ rtaidh NĂ iseanta na h-Alba, Scots: Scots Naitional Pairtie) is a Scottish nationalist[13][14] and social-democratic[15][16][17] political party in Scotland. The SNP supports and campaigns for Scottish independence.[18][19] It is the third-largest political party by membership in the United Kingdom, as well as by overall representation in the House of Commons, behind the Labour Party and the Conservative Party, and is the largest party by far in Scotland itself, where it dominates both the national government and the country's parliamentary delegation to Westminster. Its leader, Nicola Sturgeon, is the current First Minister of Scotland.
  Now, we move onto the political event that has me all in a tizzy, the election results from Great Britain. Hellooooo...this was incredible. I am sure many of you have seen Brave Heart, and saw how the people of the country called Scotland were treated for centuries by the British. I give Mel Gibson credit for bringing those facts to the world. But, perhaps you feel things improved over the many centuries since William Wallace. Well, you would be wrong. You probably feel anyone with a British Accent is from England...ack..that is paramount to calling a Blue Noser a Newfie, or vice versa. They are NOT all English. Great Britain has more than one country, and each of those smaller countries are chock full of folks who are NOT English. Anyone heard of Wales? Yep, guess since Tom Jones is not playing on the radio like he was back in the olden days, the Welsh are a forgotten people, but they exist.
  Anyhow, last night, after countless centuries and a referendum that did not get a yes vote some months back, that would have seen the country of Scotland become independent, things changed.Oh you didn't know this happened? Funny, not many did, it was not something the media put out there, however it happened. I followed that like a horse with a carrot on a string. I watched how Parliament managed to put a stop to this. They preyed on the frightened. They threatened seniors and others on benefits, they threatened to take everything away, and folks got scared. Folks who could not see the big picture, folks who forgot, Scotland has the upper hand. It provides an immense amount of money to Great Britain, more than enough to provide for themselves, but fear mongering, along with a whole whack of promises if they voted no, swayed the vote. I, personally was very disappointed. Perhaps it is the very deep roots, and the pride of my ancestors, and the dream that lives inside every person who began as a Scot, to see it stand proud and free? But, survival overruled far too many, and the dream was put aside.for a moment.
  Last night, Scotland got another chance, and boy did they grab this!! Last night history was made when basically the whole country voted in their own. Yes, they have their own, and have had them since 1937.  In a matter of a single day, they ensured each and every person heading to Westminister was a member of their own.O.K. I think there might have been one that did not belong to SNP, must check my facts later, but the one, doesn't matter, right? The voting turnout was massive, the vote margins were incredible. This is a country that was not going to listen to empty promises again. A country that gave warning they were fed up, and the warning was not heeded.
  So when parliament in Great Britain begins, it will do so with a group to be reckoned with. A group that is simply for the people of Scotland, a group that begins working with others that have screwed them royally (pardon the pun) for centuries. A group comprised with a whole whack of women,( that is something I noticed while watching this unfold). This group knows their history, and they are Scottish through and through. I thought of William Wallace, last night, I thought of all that was taken from the people of this country, my ancestors, and I was elated.
  So, to the First Nations here in my own country fighting for their rights, do not give up hope. I cannot imagine you waiting as long as the people of Scotland for wrongs to be corrected, I cannot imagine in a time of technology and the United Nations, and whatever else is out there, Canada can continue to do, just as England did to Scotland, and Ireland, but, again the circle does have an end. In this case it was a very big circle, but I think I will live long enough to see it completed.
  I have to add to this, as I didn't check my info before hitting the publish button..SNP won 56 of the 59 seats..so there will be 3 lonely folks,lol