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Monday, 27 July 2015


Yep, just a single word title. I have decided it is time to write about words that have disappeared from the everyday use, in my lifetime. Here is a small list, of course the title word, etiquette, then there is cordial, followed by 2 words, common decency, then we have courtesy, respect, oops, another 2 words, common sense..hummm. guess that will do for a start. I will just delve into them one at a time, because, before they disappear completely, perhaps I can remind a few folks what they mean.
 Etiquette1740-50; < French étiquette, Middle French estiquette ticket, memorandum, derivative of estiqu (i) er to attach, stick < Germanic. See stick2, -ette. Synonyms Expand. 1. Etiquette, decorum, propriety imply observance of the formal requirements governing behavior in polite society.]  I decided to post the french meaning, as...we all know it is a french word.  Back in my day, we were actually taught etiquette in school. Oh, we didn't have hour long lessons, we were expected to pick up bits and pieces of proper etiquette thrown into the regular classroom work. We certainly were taught etiquette at home, the top of the list..respect your elders. That basically pertained to any one 2 or more years my senior. We were taught by observing, we were shown the proper way, manners were required at all times, even, believe it or not, when playing with a group of friends. Etiquette is not just knowing which fork to use, when seated at a table with more than one placed beside a plate. It is more than not placing your elbows on the table when eating (cause back in my day, for said elbow to be rudely knocked off the table). It was basically proper manners when dealing with the rest of the world.It was the unspoken rule to let elders have the seats, apologizing for bumping into someone, sharing, thinking about how an action you make, will impact another.
  See, etiquette, in my mind, covers all the rules for being a decent human being. The one word in the title, contains each and every other word I listed. So, there, you have the basic understanding of the now defunct word, etiquette.
  Cordial...yikes, this is , I must say, not something I am always capable of. Mostly..because someone else has never been taught etiquette. I was taught to be cordial, even if I dislike someone. I can honestly say, as a young person, I did a damn fine job of being cordial, because, if I didn't , I was in deep doodoo. It was far easier back then, because......almost everyone followed the same darn etiquette rules!! Now a days, I know when I am not following the cordial rule. Deep down inside, it bothers me. I want to follow it, but..hey, fair is fair, not going to be on my best behaviour when no one else is playing the etiquette game. 
  Common decency. Oh my goodness, this is a sad one! This is the rule that was used out on the play ground, and within a group of friends. This is the rule than is listed as golden. These two words can fix the world. If you dig about these two words, you will find the others listed, courtesy and respect. Common decency is when you actually think about what you are doing, or saying, and how it is going to affect others. Hey...there is another quickly disappearing word...consideration, that's all wrapped up in decency. When you decide you are not going to do what you promised, or, you just go into something and do just enough to satisfy yourself, and walk away leaving someone else to pick up the pieces, you lack common decency, because...you are not even thinking of the rest of the world. If every single person showed just a tiny bit of common decency, this world would be a better place..for you and me..but that is NOT going to happen.
  We have entered into the ME world. A world where no one thinks of anyone but themselves. A world where all the aforementioned words do not exist. A world where no one even feels the need to acknowledge what another has done for them. A world of inconsideration, disrespect, indecency,a total lack of common sense, and an absolute disregard for etiquette. 
  It is time for someone to come along, smash each and every elbow off the table, and knock some sense in a senseless world. Get a grip, learn some manners folks, because it is clear, those words have been in the dictionary much longer than most folks have been sitting on this rock, and those words enabled a very large percentage to learn to live in peace and harmony. Thinking only of oneself, is not going to make this world a nice place to spend a lifetime.
  Now..I am going to sit down with a nice cup of tea, and I will lift my pinky finger as I bring the cup to my mouth....Etiquette..one word, with a whole whack of meaning!!!!