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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Is Somebody Watching Me?


   Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Oh, I don't mean, while you are wandering about, swiffering, or deciding exactly what brand of coffee you are going to throw into your grocery basket. Nope..I mean on-line....I know, I am truly beginning to think I am phobic! What on earth in my tiny little world would be of interest to anyone else?
  Well....see you all know I rant. I have also been known to comment out into the wide world of websters, on some pretty intense matters. I have always admitted, I do not have any sort of baffle on what I spew, I basically say what I think, and there it is..no different than on my little ol' blog.
  I'm just a pretty typical person. I am not wealthy, brilliant, famous, or "special". I am pretty darn law abiding..in fact, I'm a chicken about most things, no risk taking beyond spilling my guts out to the world. I am not violent, nor do I have the urge to be violent..O.K. besides muttering under my breath, like most of the rest of the world, that I wish I could kill various folks, when provoked, but...in truth, the only thing I don't feel any remorse after snuffing out their lives, is those of spiders. I feel a tad sad when I destroy an ant pile, because, those ants are pretty damn amazing, and have worked pretty hard to build their hill. I almost identify with ants..yep..almost...Of course it is the worker ants I identify with, the poor buggers who live only to work, hiking about day after day, carry loads, making sure the rest of the hill members get all they need to survive. So...when I mutter "I could Kill" regarding no specific person..it is just words...
  Up until recently, stating that, was no cause for concern..I suppose unless I was some sort of borderline lunatic, but...now..things in the world I live in have gone off the deep end. Paddle for the Peace, a down to earth group of folks who jump in canoes, boats and Kayaks to travel along the Peace River to bring notice to the looming possibility of yet another Dam, taking this morsel of beauty away, have found themselves on the watch list of our Countries Security folks! WTF??? That information scared the crap out of me..and, if you had a smidgeon of grey matter, it would be cause for concern to you. Something so peaceful, so flower power, love your neighbour, as a group paddling down a river, with nothing resembling a weapon (oops, maybe paddles) beyond cameras, is targeted as a group to be watched. Who else are they watching? Did you make a risky comment on Face book? Perhaps you "bombed" an exam...yikes..you might just be on the list too!! We have become the Stepford People. We are all to conform to an accepted "norm". We are all to keep our opinions to ourselves, unless, of course, they are the accepted ones. We are never to question, never to disagree, never to have a mind of our own. Our government, our law enforcement, our media, everyone has somehow come to some sort of agreement, the citizens of this country have no rights, beyond that which they wish to bestow , when they feel the need, however, they will take them away when they feel they are not needed. You live day to day, wondering if you are committing a crime, that you don't know has become criminal. If you are like me, and you read all the little tidbits floating about, you can't keep up with what is politically correct, you can't follow what was acceptable last month, is now forbidden, and comes with a possible fine.
  If you are like me, you have reached a point where right doesn't matter. You know something is right, but...surprise...not allowed!! You watch those in government doing all sorts of stuff that used to be ground for dismissal, now..they are grounds for huge court cases, that we pay for, that always end with "fade to black" no big jail terms, no big fines, just a tiny blurb and away they go...But, if it is your average working Joe, hummm...a whole different ball of wax. I'm your average Joe, I try very hard to follow the rules, well legally, the worst I do is voice my opinion on things, and facts are, my opinions mean very little to the rest of the world. It's just, now, with the crazy sh*t happening all around me, I wonder.....Am I on a list? Is somebody watching me?
  BTW..not sure if this was posted G+ so trying again