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Friday, 31 July 2015

Job Posting

O.K. going to give this a go...desperation leads to desperate measures....
  Ladies (or Gentlemen) sick and tired of cleaning up after your family? Fed up with wiping piddle marks off the toilet? How about all that time spent doing laundry? Kid's or spouse leave the bed-making to you? How about those fingerprint marks all over the windows..bet you wish you had a dime for everyone you have windexed...Feel like you should be getting paid for all that housework? Hummm...do I have a deal for you!!
  Hey, I know, the piddle marks are mixed with your beloved's DNA, or perhaps your children's, those chip bits in the sheets, you know who chewed them...The muddy footprints across your carpet, well, you can size those and identify, but..not going to get a penny for your sweat and tears.
  Why not wander on down to the hotel and sign up for a few days cleaning unknown piddle marks? A turd left floating in the toilet, is just a turd..everyone's flushes down the drain the same way. O.K. the crunchy face cloths, well, although they are a mystery, you probably don't want to solve...we supply latex gloves.
  Dirty linen is not much different when the dirt comes from someone you will likely never meet, and all the muttering in the world is totally acceptable. The one pleasure, you will be able to share that muttering with others, complaining about many of the same issues. You will be surrounded by folks who will joyfully share horror stories, that may shock, but quite likely amuse at the same time. You can gripe about all the things you do at home, picking up around the house, and....here is the big kicker..you will get paid to do it!!!
  Be honest...how often have you told yourself, you deserve a pay cheque for all the housekeeping you do? Do you really think you will get anything out of all that work, besides the satisfaction of glancing at a clean house, only to watch it disappear before your very eyes?
  Come on..walk out that door..leave your place a nasty old mess..never going to finish cleaning there..it is like that never ending song..it goes on and on my friend. Head on over to my place of employment, and fill your pockets with shiny money...It is not hard to let that unpaid housework suffer. You may find yourself wallowing in a cloud of guilt once in awhile, and you certainly will stop answering a knock at the door with "come on in",instead you will rush to the door, open it a tiny crack and hope whoever is outside can't see past you..lol..but that is..unpaid cleaning behind your back..you no longer do that kind of work for free...Twice a month, that quiver of pain you feel when you see your kitchen sink overflowing, or someone complains that they don't have a single clean pair of underwear, you will snatch your pay cheque into your grubby little paws (well they will be pretty clean, because you have scrubbed a fair amount of bathtubs), and dance over to reap the bounty of your hard work.
  Give it some thought...free or....paid...what's it going to be?