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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mandarin Oranges

I know...alway's b*tching.... But that is who I am, and it is never going to change, so...deal with it! I have to deal with all the crapola that is driving me absolutely insane, along with scaring the sh*t out of me.
  I don't know when I suddenly became a second class citizen, along with the majority of other Canadians. I don't know when my government suddenly changed from "Conservative" to Lunatics, and Liberals to A$$Holes, but it happened somewhere along the line. I am frightened to death by those folks sitting up at the top of the Tower of Power, the air has got to be too thin up there, they have gone insane.
 One thing, perhaps Mr. Harper has spent far too much time with the Chinese. Don't get me wrong, again, I have nothing against the population of the country of China, I just don't want to become an offshoot of them. I don't want those who enjoy the extreme (and I do mean extreme) good life running the animal farm of communism in the far reaches of Asia, to be given the key to our kingdom, by King Stevio, and prance willy nilly about, taking what they want, when they want it, and having tantrums, which apparently now Canadians must pony up for. I wonder if others who call this country home realize exactly what is happening in Parliament..or, now it appears, in sundry locations which have been allocated as free trade zones, scattered about our homeland.
 Because I am always looking way outside the box, I see a little blurb which tweaks my grey matter, and off I go in search of answers. This stuff is not blasted out on the evening news, it doesn't headline in the newspapers, it is hidden away, just a few lines here or there, and no one follows through, digging all the dirt up, and letting us know whats up. News stories of pus in the government, used to go on and on, journalists sunk their teeth into a tidbit, and then chewed the whole thing up, spitting it out for the citizens, so we all knew the whole damn thing. Now, well, there is a little turd of a stinky story on the news Monday night, and by Tuesday afternoon, not a single word further. The stories just disappear, replaced by 15 minutes of celebrity gossip.  No one follows through, and whatever smelled up your living room the evening before, evaporates.
  Those sitting up in the tower love this. They don't have to answer to anything, the rug under their feet is piled so high with everything that they have swept under it, all that happens, is they simply move another floor higher..
  We are slowly losing our status as Canadians. What do we have? We own nothing!! Every piece of our natural resource has been handed over to China..O.K. maybe it's Malaysia, but..it's still China. We see the result of this, markets rise and fall at the whim of a country that was almost unheard of when I was young. Crap, stuff wasn't made in China, it came from Japan, now..even our bloody food comes from China!! I loved Social's class, in school..Back then, China was a country I felt sorry for. They were ruled by a cheap miserable prick, people had to kill babies if they had too many, folks were dirt poor, working like cattle, living with just the basic necessities, and not allowed an inch of freedom. I used to think I was ever so lucky to have been born in a country that was so far from Communism, it was heavenly.
  Well..I remember about 28 years ago, spending time with a guy who worked for the B.C. Forest Service. He was a little odd, but, extremely intelligent. His whole focus was China. He would tell my honey and I, that we should do our best to learn Mandarin Chinese. He warned us, one day, in our lifetime, China would rule the world, and the least thing we could do to equip ourselves, was to learn the language that might allow us to fit in. That man is long passed, he blew his brains out not long after one of his conversations..Now I wonder, was he even smarter than I imagined? I certainly didn't think China would become so powerful that they could pressure my country to sign away almost every right to them. I never for a moment believed they would begin to lay down the rules to my government. I did not dream that my Prime Minister and my Provincial Premier would one day,have their noses so far up the Asian Ass, they ate nothing but Christmas oranges.
 Really folks...we have been sold down the Yangtze River. We did not fight a war, and lose our country.We elected folks into government, who forgot they were Canadian, and forgot that this country does not end when they kick the bucket. They forgot about the generations of the future, who will look around and wonder what belongs to them, because every single speck of land has been signed ,sealed and delivered at the cheapest price possible...to a far off country that didn't have to fight, didn't have to pay, just smiled and filled a few pockets .
  It is time for our media to do their jobs. It is time for the Newspapers and Television stations to allow reporters to report. We need to learn what is happening in our country..we need people to bite into the corruption and chew it up, spitting it out for all to see. We need to save our country!! Or is it already too late?