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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Victim of Abuse

Ethics are external standards that are provided by institutions, groups, or culture to which an individual belongs. For example, lawyers, policemen, and doctors all have to follow an ethical code laid down by their profession, regardless of their own feelings or preferences. Ethics can also be considered a social system or a framework for acceptable behavior.
Morals are also influenced by culture or society, but they are personal principles created and upheld by individuals themselves.
  Above, is the most concise definition of two words, which are quickly disappearing from our world.I had to Google, because, sometimes, I get these two mixed up, I forgot my schooling, and for some reason, thought they had the same meaning. Guess I know better now...But, I imagine,because I was raised in a household that held morals very high, Ethics were basically collateral..they kind of went together like butter and popcorn..one generally had the other attached.
  That would probably be the reason, when trying to figure out why things in many aspects of my world, just seem screwy, I can't figure out quite what is missing, Morals or Ethics.
  So, what happened to cause me to suddenly realize I no longer understand the principles of life? Back in my day, it was pretty easy to understand Ethics..when one started a job, they were explained what was allowed, what was not acceptable, what was expected, and what the result of not doing, or doing the correct or incorrect thing. That was a simple finale...the job was lost!
  Morals..well, those were pretty basic, as well. Societies rules were black and white. I am not saying I always kept within the boundaries, but, I knew when I was wandering outside the lines, and I certainly didn't broadcast it to the rest of the world. Most of the time I wandered outside the lines, I was in a group, and for a moment of time, I guess we reinvented some of the rules. However, we were young, and we, for the most part, knew what we were doing was wrong, and likely did not make a habit to repeat the trips outside the lines after we reached the age when "I didn't Know" could be used as an excuse.I will say.."I didn't Know" never worked in my house..It was always responded by "Well, you should know, and now you will never forget"..and then an additional reminder, generally some sort of pain stimulus that would ensure I remembered.
  O.K. even in my teeny tiny town, some folks lacked as many morals as others, and some folks tended to collect far more than average.  In my mind, neither was any better, the extremely loose morals, or the choke collar tight ones. To have to live life without any pleasure, would be horrid, to live life only thinking of pleasure, and fixating on one's personal pleasure, beyond everything else, would be extraordinarily selfish.
  So, in saying this..I have answered my own question. See, far too many people in society, have decided that their sole purpose in life is the goal of personal pleasure. They don't care what they have to do in order to obtain it. They have removed consideration from their world, because that entails thinking about someone else, and to do so, may cause issues in how quickly they can secure what it is they want, to get pleasure.
  See, before, someone like this would have been seen as selfish, but..in today's world, it is the norm..It is somehow acceptable to overlook even Ethics, for some, because still, there are just a few old folks who live by the old rules, they were taught. Those folks, well, they tend to be abused, yes..that is what happens, they are expected to cover, because the others, well..."They don't know"! I call total BS on this reasoning. They bloody well know, because if they didn't once, they have been informed since. Perhaps it was the lack of pain stimulus? No, more so the lack of job loss!
  Employers of the world are at fault for what has happened. Parents of the world are at fault for what has happened, Schools are at fault for what has happened, the legal system is at fault for what has happened, and...yes, those old folks, who live by the old rules, are also at fault for what has happened.Perhaps not quite in the order listed, as, generations are molded by their parents, so..children who are raised to expect everything on a silver platter, to have no responsibility for their actions, when they do something wrong,  Mommy or Daddy fixes it, that is the beginning. Then they go to school...if they can't do the work, it's O.K. you are ADD, FAS, Dyslexsic, artistic, whatever, we will bend everything to make you fit in, and you can move along with the rest of your classmates.
 I imagine there had to be a whole sh*tload of kids when I went to school who were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, because back in those days, no one was telling women they couldn't drink when they were pregnant. How the F*ck did all of us manage to somehow do all the work necessary to pass our grades? Hey, there were a couple of kids who were put back to repeat, but..they did it. I did it..and I am the first to admit, school sucked for me, I had to work all the time, I had to practice my Pitman writing all through the summer, because if I didn't catch up, I would repeat a grade! There was punishment for not giving all my effort, because..out in the real world, if I wanted to work, that is what would be expected! The legal system, well..that is enough mess for it's own text book on what NOT to do. Then we get to the employers.
  These are the people with the power to change things. They control whether someone gets paid, and in these times, we all need money. They hold the power to weld the Ethics, and deliver the punishment if one does not put in the effort required. They weld the morals as well, because they make the rules! When there are two totally different sets of Ethics and Morals in play, someone is going to get the short end of the stick, well more than one short end. Jobs have to be done, they have to be done in a timely manner, because...someone is putting out the cash for this work. To build a sense of Ethics that are constructed on the ideal that with a set work load, it is O.K. to leave one person to do it all one day, and then feel one is entitled to get paid a full days wage the next day, but only do part of the previous days work, and take just as long, just seems a tad warped. For the person who has completed all the work the previous day, and finished earlier the next day, but somehow ending up with the same amount of hours as the other, something just seems wrong. But, how does one go about fixing this? They can't! They have the choice, to throw those old work Ethics, and a whack of their Morals out the door, and follow suit..or..to be the fool.
  Personally, I am almost at the end of being a fool. It has not done me a lick of good! To follow the Ethics and Morals of the old days, has simply made me a victim of abuse. Does that seem a tad strong? I am using a word in a frivolous way? No, I don't believe I am. I feel the need to complete the work load, that is my job, to ensure my employer gets what they need, and what I was hired to do. Those are the rules I was given, and I believe they must be followed, in order to receive wages. I will do all the work alone, if put in that position, and my employer will simply pay one set of wages for that day, often I will leave the job, tired, sore, and miserable, but, I did what was expected. What have I got in return for being responsible? Maybe a dollar or so more an hour, but in these times of inflation, and the many years of experience, and the burden of responsibility, reliability, now appear to be worth far more than the dollar or so, especially when production is taken into account.
  So...what choice do I make? At almost 60 years old, do I continue to hold tight to things that no longer appear to matter to most of the world? Or do I develop a modern set of Ethics and Morals? Going to have to ponder this for awhile,because I honestly believe I am a victim of my own making!