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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Carbon Farce

People are much like sheep..Somehow their brains cease to function and they follow blindly along with the masses. Not a single one manages to open their own mind up and seek the facts. A group of those in positions of power, and wealth state they know the facts, and...suddenly, it is accepted as truth. Really? Is that how the world suddenly decided that humanity can control nature?
  One only has to read a tiny amount of history to realize, what we are being told today, is a big pile of horse sh*t. I admit I was not the world's greatest student, however, some of my studies interested me, and I do remember them. I remember socials class taught the "ages". Now this is beyond religion, this is indeed based on facts. You probably know some of these..thanks in part to Pixar..we know there was an "Ice age" that occurred a few moments before humanity, or for all I know some folks were about..but, think hard..whatever happened to the Dinosaurs? Not a lick of that has to do with people, be definitely carbon played a big part..
  See..there are these natural formations called Volcanos. I know everyone has heard of these things. Remember Pompeii? In fact, we don't have to go too far back in history to recall some pretty massive eruptions during our own lifetimes.
  A friend posted a while ago about the year without summer in 1816. Did you ever hear of that? A massive volcano erupted in Indonesia..it was a biggie! A result of all volcano eruptions is ash. Yes, the very stuff everyone is harping and combating and dishing out fist fulls of money over.Not only are they harping..those in positions of power are in fact profiting greatly by the sheep, that feed into this farce.
  Carbon tax..the newest form of government money grabbing. It has caused serious economic hardships in the countries that have been informed they are "bad" people. The countries that had regulations and rules to ensure factories and resource extracting companies did their utmost to limit emissions. Think back,,,remember the big "Ozone" crapola? Goodness, I gave up hairspray for that..stupid sheep! Lots of companies lost out, had huge expenses as a result of that farce, but lo and behold..we are O.K. now!! So, onto some other form of sh*t..lets bash carbon! Lets make one continent..O.K. maybe a couple follow insane strict guidelines, but...we will sit back quietly and let one of the biggest, just spew all they like, turning blind eyes to any and all regulations. In fact...hey..we are going to fund the folks doing this, at the expense of the economy of the rule abiding countries.
 Sorry, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot figure this plan out. I think that is because...it just doesn't make a lick of common sense. Go ahead tell me sending butt loads of money to countries who blatantly disregard carbon emissions, who have somehow managed to get almost all the manufacturing jobs in the world, at the cheapest possible price (no regulations) and spew massive amounts negating the rest of the worlds output, makes sense? Basically all we are doing is..paying these countries who don't follow the rules, money to make money, leaving us without money! But..lucky us, we can claim our emissions are diddly squat compared to those countries suddenly the money powers.
  I digress..I was speaking about volcanoes and 1816, right? Well when that volcano way off in nowhere land erupted, guess what happened? Whole parts of the world, suddenly had a massive climate change. The ash from this volcano caused darkness, and, along with the darkness, summer disappeared. Farmers were unable to grow crops, floods, monsoons, drought, occurred all over the planet.  Now a carbon emission like this is more than possible today. there are certainly volcanoes everywhere on the planet, and..one eruptions is all it would take to return us to the year of the missing summer.
  So,,,what exactly would our government imposed carbon tax do to protect us from this? F*CK ALL! This tax is nothing but a feel good government money grab! Climate change is NOT within our control!! In the timeline of an hour, our tax and regulations don't even amount to a minute! We sit back watching others spew massive amounts into the atmosphere, shaking their leaders hands, and giving them gifts of money to continue to disregard the strict rules we place on ourselves. What the H-ll is wrong with our leaders? If these money making countries won't follow the rules we impose on ourselves, destroying our own economy, why are we not just simply imposing embargoes? I think that might work, and ...cripes it makes total sense to me!! Then we can begin to make jobs and money producing our own stuff knowing full well it is done with far lower carbon footprints.
  But..again...all it will take is one big eruption in the right place, at the wrong time, and Mother Nature is NOT going to big forking out a dime for her emissions.
  Sorry folks, although we seem to think we are the top of the chain, we are simply animals living on a mass that lives by it's own rules. We are nothing more than dinosaurs, with no control over our future. The only difference between ourselves and those extinct, is, we have technology, but we have not invented anything capable of plugging volcanoes..so..just like the ice age, we are simply here to go along for the ride..and maybe we will be able to adapt and survive..or maybe not!! We simply cannot buy our way out of this!