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Monday, 3 October 2016

Pied Piper Politics!

  Wow! As someone who has been around for a wee bit, I am absolutely flabbergasted at the citizens of the so called "free-world". WTF is wrong with everyone?
  I am blown away by the Americans but they are just following in our own footsteps when it comes to electing a leader of their country. How can two countries be filled with such idiots? How did the majority of the populations become so set on either drama or drama teachers? How did a whole continent become so accepting of blatant lies, appearance, narcissism, and wealth?
  Sure there is a smigeon of difference between our Narcissistic Prime Minister and the twit running for top office in the States. One is a bleeding heart for any minority, and the other is a discriminatory Ahole to anyone who doesn't fit in his tiny little puzzle slot. Ooops..almost forgot..our stupid twat has "beautiful hair" the other one..well..not quite sure what he had slapped on top of his beanie. But, they both think their sh* doesn't stink, and everyone else has real smelly stuff! They both come from wealth, and claim to understand the working class, but clearly they have no clue. Oh, hey, get someone to write some cue cards or whisper in their ear piece what they think those working drones want to hear, make a few promises on how they will brighten those lives, and Bam!! instant sheeple.
  Folks in the USA, look beyond Justin's hair and fake smiles, look what we are dealing with, because stupid people wanted Change. That's how he got in, promising change. We were just like you, jobs were disappearing, taxes were through the roof, and the middle class was suddenly the working poor. No matter how hard we tried, we could not manage because every penny was going out the door. The cost of living rose, the wage didn't. The government took more and more, and folks who worked hard for their money, suddenly had to pay for those who didn't.
  How has change worked for us? Well, now instead of just working to pay money to those who don't work in our country, we are now paying money to a bunch of other countries, as well. The biggest change, if one dares to question what this selfie King is doing, we suddenly become bigots, racists, and old-fashioned. It is clear anyone who is concerned over the spending habits of our present government is old-fashioned. It is suddenly acceptable to spend tax dollars willy nilly, with a great big cheshire cat smile, and no concern how the bills are going to be paid. This is the new age, the age of Liberal thinking, the age where budgets balance themselves.  That only happens when you live on a trust fund, his budget balances itself, because...he doesn't have to work!
  Sure you folks across the line have someone a wee bit different, but again..the serious need for Change is what this is snowballing along on. So, you get the promise of change, but that promise enables you to turn a totally blind eye to all the red flags sprouting up. The lies are excused, the superior attitude, or as I call it, the "Holier than thou syndrome" is ignored, the obvious lack of any semblance of intelligence is overlooked, because...the bully has brought along the bells and whistles, and clearly there are far too many folks who love the circus.
  Your candidate is a fool, no different than the one our country voted in. A fool who thinks leading a country is something fun they want to add to their bucket list. Again, the big difference, ours enjoys showing the world how cool he is, Gay Pride parades, slepping around Mosques, hob nobbing with the rich and famous, and blaming every single F*ck up on the previous government. He lied bold face the First Nations, he lied bold face to middle class Canadians, he lied bold face to Veterans, he clearly ran on a big platform of happy face stuff, that suddenly he can't possibly accomplish...or..maybe he is too busy to even consider.
  Your fellow, well..first off, he does not play nice with others. So, perhaps your country has far too many Deliverance people coming out of the wood work who truly want to go back into the dark ages. Women are second class citizens, based on their appearance, disabled are the brunt of jokes, colour DOES matter, walls are promised. WTF???
  Be very very careful of change. Be sure you are ready for what you are embracing. We apparently wanted change, and we got it!! We got a deficit that boogles the mind. We have a grinning idiot, taking his shirt off to allow vapid women too swoon, we have a leader who on one hand sticks his tongue out while prancing in the Pride parades, and the next claims to support a religion that opposes women and Gays. We have a two faced buffoon who promised to up hold First Nations United Nations rights, and...just recently stabbed that whole group in the back, after a ton of selfies flitting about trying desperately to get a seat with the UN.
  Change!! The Pied piper charmed the children with his music, and dancing. He led them down the garden path away from their homes and families, leaving a whole generation lost. Mr. Justin has been in politics for almost a year, he has caused the middle class to suffer, he has given to the minorities, and forgotten where his pay cheque comes from. Mr. Trump, well, it only takes a moment to google how he treats his middle class workers, yet..a whole country assumes once he is in power he will change. Not going to happen folks!! The only change you are going to see is, the doors in and out of your country will slam shut. I foresee a few embargoes dropped on President Trump, because he does not play nice with people. He lives in the dark ages, a plantation owner without a plantation.
  Hey...like us, you don't have much choice. I believe in conservatism, which is why my leader makes me want to vomit, you, well..sadly I believe your orange skinned, squint eyed, red-neck lunatic, is the lesser of two evils...and that is very disturbing!!
  So...why do we have to accept less than what we deserve? Is there no one in either of our countries that is a better option? If one sees something/someone is not quite working out, why do they have to sit back and accept it for an allotted time period? Those running our countries, run our lives, they are put in place to work for us..all of us, not just selective clumps of us. They are put in place to drive our economy, to ensure we thrive, and our coffers fill. They are there to make us safe and secure,, and to ensure equal rights, and promises kept. At the very first lie, that cannot be explained ..the leader of a country should be out on their ear. You lie to your employer, they can fire you, why is the top position in a country any different? We are employing these people, they have a job description, and they have a whole sh*tload of employers wanting them to do their job. If they can't/won't do it, dump them and find someone better..they have to be out there!! These two twits and Hilarity can't possibly be the cream of the crop!!