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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

 Makes a Man healthy, wealthy and wise (Hah!)
  HOLA..3 days off for the Christmas holidays, and it appears they are the fastest days on record! How come the days you plan to flop in your bed for hours and hours longer than workdays, you end up wasting by awakening early? Then I get ticked, because I know, tomorrow morning, I am going to have the overwhelming urge to hit the snooze, again and again. Tomorrow is going to be the day my brain tells my body it needs way more sleep.
  At my age, it is not the late nights, because, in my world, late nights are anything beyond 10PM. I am just not sure what the heck causes this constant problem. Yes, I know, I wake with the understanding that I am going to use most of my day, working. But...I sometimes do that when I stay home, yes, note the sometimes. Maybe I need 4 days off, so I can sleep in on day 4, but then, if I take 6 off, it is always day 7. WTF? Is it a virus? I wonder, if I finally retire , will I wake up early every day? OMGosh, that would surely suck!! I suppose upon retirement, my brain would be telling my body, "hey, wake up early! Pretty soon she will be having a very long sleep." Could happen, right?
  How come when I was 15, I could sleep for a full day (if you combined the whole weekend)? Oh, maybe because I was "growing" and my body needed rest? Huh??? I am now 56, and I am hopeful, I am completely grown up, but, I know darn well my body certainly needs a whole lot more rest than it did at 15!!
  Now, I really do not like naps. There is just something wrong with falling asleep for short periods. I remember my Dad always came home from work, ate, and then had a nap in his chair, which lasted about an hour. Helllooo..I don't like those short sleeps. All they do is screw with your mind. The few naps I have had, I woke up completely confused ( don't say it...I am NOT always confused). Is it nighttime? Did I sleep through a whole day? Is it 4AM or 4PM? Will I be able to sleep when I am really suppose to? Plus, I think (Yes I DO, sometimes think) every nap has come with a disturbing dream, I want to perhaps dream very early in the sleep process, and then have that non-dream time to forget the disturbing dreams. Now, I am not totally messed, I have had my share of good dreams, which I can remember when I wake up, but usually only tiny bits, which tells me I had the "show" early in my snooze time. If I could be assured of a "good" dream while napping, perhaps I would be more acceptable.
  I have had dreams that I am working. Those are very unfair. It is unpaid time, and nothing is accomplished. I often think that I go for months without dreaming, but the scientists tell me this is not so. Perhaps those non-dream nights are just short clips of dreams to come? I have had dreams that I would love to be true, spending time with my Mom, those are good ones. I have had the bad ones, falling.. thankfully I must have awaken early enough from those, as I am still here, but once, I woke up at the bottom of the bed, tangled in my sheets, almost choking myself. I have repeat dreams, that are so weird, maybe if  one day I can remember the whole darn thing, I will get the message? Ohhh..maybe I don't want the message???
  So, how do I get onto dreams when I am curious as to why I am going to want to sleep in tomorrow? My guess is, tonight I am going to dream about work, I am going to wear myself out, working very hard, without pay, and when the alarm goes off, I will have to get up and go to work again!!! You never know, I might be right on the money with this theory.
  Now, I am going to go to sleep very early..who wants to lay odds I am not going to want to wake up???