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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Big Bad Bully

Well, knock my socks off!!! Today I was reported to the office for being a part of a group of bullies! Honest to goodness, if you wanted blow my mind, you could not have come up with something more off the wall.
  Bullying is a nasty thing. I admit, I likely did some of that while growing up, and can honestly state, I was on the receiving end, more than once. I hate this horrid occurrence, it should never happen, it is cruel and evil, and deadly. I know how painful it is to suffer this abuse, and wish it would disappear, instead of growing to massive proportions like it is presently.
  I think bullying is childish, and perhaps we can never expect children to stop, but we can hope that when they grow up, they will learn to consider the feelings of fellow human beings, and as my Mother always said, "treat others as you wish they would treat you". I am grown up, and I know that I do not condone bullying.
  I also admit, I am not the easiest person to be around. I am outspoken, and when I feel strongly about something, I will not beat about the bush, I will simply state my opinion, and stick by it..until, of course, someone is able to make me eat crow, and I have choked those feathers down a few times.
  I will tell anyone and everyone, I do not like liars. I usually give folks a chance, I listen, and if they continue lying, I will doubt every single thing they say in the future. I will get to the point when I refuse to even listen to these liars. I roll my eyes (very experienced in the silent gestures) shake my head, and then start to make strange noises, which I hope the liar recognizes as a warning to stop. The signs are pretty obvious, those I work with have learned to spot the signals quickly, and then they will in turn, zone in on what is causing my discomfort.
  Lately I have had to deal with too many lies. I am past the point of forgiveness. I do not like people who will not accept blame for mistakes, but even more important, I abhor people who try and place the blame on others. Besides being outspoken, I am observant. I watch all the time, and as stated previously, I detect. When someone rubs me the wrong way, they become almost a fixation. I will watch every movement, and hang on to every single word that spews forth from their mouths. I need to do this, mainly so that when I have to confront these people, I can, without any doubt, place my evidence to stop yet another lie. Ask my 3 children, lying to this Mother seldom happened. I had tricks, the main one was to make my kids repeat a lie and look into my eyes as they spoke every single word. Hey, there were a few times I did this trick, and was not sure if they were in fact lying, but...either my kids were pretty darn honest, or they were frightened to death of me. I lay odds I got the truth 99.9% of the time.
  Since I could not get a grown woman to look into my eyes, without other eye brows being raised, I was not able to stop the continuing fables, and admit, I became a woman possessed. I had no patience, and the dislike grew daily.
  Today, the problem got worse. The person went from lying, to being totally rude. She did what my kids were smart enough not to do (after the first mistake) and started to mutter and mumble about me, within hearing. Hellooo...we are not in kindergarten. I simply requested she speak up, as I could not hear her clearly. Oooops, my bad!!! Total silence. This continued for a couple of hours.Oh, she refused to speak to me, but would spew nasty remarks to no one in particular.
   At one point , she got her belongings, stormed out across to the office, and reported myself and 2 other co-workers of bullying her!! We apparently did not smile, brought our problems from home to work, and refused to speak to her, instead, we laughed together.The worst form of bullying, is lying to hurt others.
  Know that you have just spent your last moments with me. I warn everyone, I just cannot stand lies, I have found that in the past few years, I  met the world's greatest liar, and that person caused my family an incredible amount of grief. I doubt I will ever meet someone who surpasses this repulsive creature, but, I am not about to give any space to another liar who will spew sh*t about myself, or my co-workers. You just lit the match to burn this bridge. It is an interesting fact, sometimes when you watch these bridges burn, you are overwhelmed by joy and relief, and this is definitely such a time!