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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Saturday, 1 December 2012


I'm back...!!! I know, it's the time of year when I have so many plans, I tend to waste every single moment, deciding what to do, and almost always, get diddly done. Ooops..silly me, it's that time of year 365 days in a row, I'm just making excuses.
   I do feel the pull to sit and write, but, then I sit down, bash away at the keys, read what has spewed from my wasted brain cells, and decide, I just can't publish. Thank goodness for the delete option, I understand I have hit send a few times I should not have, but, you have no clue what I could have possibly thrown out at you, if not for the vanishing button.
  Today, I decided I would write about Creepers. These nasty vermin are everywhere in life, but, we get more than our share in the hotel. The one that has been hanging about, up until just days ago is a prime example.
  Many of them love the do not disturb sign. I think that is because, they are already so disturbed, they can't handle anymore. They usually start off trying very hard to make themselves seem likeable.
   In my books, folks who try too hard to appear nice, are not....Hey, that's why I know I am really really nice, because I never waste my energy trying to be likeable. I figure I am not everyone's cup of tea, and it would be far too much work to be all that others feel is positive, so...I find friends don't have to number in the hundreds, a person is perfectly happy with a chosen few. Therefore, I am perfectly happy, well, in the friend line of things...
  So, in he comes, Mr. smiley face, big talk, do not disturb.."I keep a clean room, I'll just ask for stuff when I need it". Oh, Oh...Weeks pass, the person moves from one room to another because of issues, or a better one comes open, or, he has company...We clean up after him, noticing as time goes on, each room becomes harder to clean. The sign is glued to the door, but the door opens and closes with various, sundry (put that in for you TB)strangers wandering about.
Oh, the smells. He has a non-smoking room, but apparently that is only in regards to nicotine, home grown  smoke is not covered in the same policy.
 He becomes the keeper of the thermostat, his back door is open to allow the company to flit in and out, therefore he feels the urge to crank the heat in the whole building up to 35..clueless that others are sweltering without the open door option.
  He is everywhere! In the restaurant, in our laundry room, in our linen room, in our store room, everywhere we turn, there is his smarmy face. Oh, then he starts appearing in the office, apparently getting cash loans from our employer.
   Huh???This man works at a pretty good paying job, he drinks like a fish, he has what smells like an endless supply of pot (in a town where apparently it is hard to come by) eats his meals in the restaurant (even though he insisted he has a kitchen room) and is surrounded by grubblies, who gaze in adoration at him. Why on earth does he need to scrounge money from the person he is suppose to be renting a room from?  
  Helloooo..The bells started clanging when we saw that occur. If I was my boss, I would have been shaking my head, and pulling out that room bill. We all know when the guy gets paid, we also know that he gets living out allowance that would cover his hotel bill, but...he is constantly broke? Ooooohhh. yep, that's trouble.
   It appears the last time he attempted to get a "loan" it was refused. So, what did Mr. Wonderful do? The one and only thing he could, to get pay-back. In the middle of the afternoon, he insisted the housekeepers go into his room, and perform a full meal deal clean. Yuck, Yuck, and yuck again!! What a filthy pig sty!! We certainly got the slap in the head for him not getting his pocket money. The Do Not sign glued to the door, was stuck on by dirt. The bathroom was enough to make a maggot gag.
  Prince Charming has left the building. His bill is still sitting there, along with apparently at least one of his ex co-workers a few hundred bucks lighter in the wallet. We are left with a national disaster of a room to muck out, and he has gone off with likely his full last pay cheque in his pocket. I bet this was a blast for him. Hey, old friends saw Mr. big job, buying drinks and splurging, it was party every weekend, and sometimes weekdays. They are going to miss this big spender. Oh, I bet in about 2 years you see him show up again, ready to spew excuses, someone in his family was sick, had an accident, or passed a gallstone. He has no scruples, this will not bother him at all. Creepers all feel they have the right to ignore the rules.
  Hummm..We have all heard of tea leaf readers, I wonder if somehow, maybe.....we have become Glue Poo readers, and have the ability to read the future in the toilet bowl splatters. The boss could have saved herself a whole lot of grief if she had simply asked us what the splatters said about this creeper.