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Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Parties

The plan was, to write a nice little blog to my co-workers. I really do need to thank them, they were the inspiration for blogging, and I have found this has given me the ability to let off steam, which in turn, has made my life a little more pleasant.
  Still a thank you, but, I feel the need to add just a little more.
A few nights ago, we had our annual Staff Christmas party. Now, where I work, this is always just a tad different. We usually have it on the night that the place shuts down for the holidays. Many times, it is in limbo, right up until the last minute, if we will actually have one. I have attended about 8 of these bashes, and the same thing happens each year.
  The boss is extremely generous with the party. No limits to the food we stuff down our throats, or the trips we make to the bar to fill on the alcohol. Each year, one of the cooks will extend his personal time, to cook up all the goodies. This year he had assistance from one of the waitresses. It was awesome!! I am not sure if these people realize, we understand, they do not have to do this, their holidays have started from the moment customers can't come in the door. Heads up, housekeeping staff have always appreciated this gesture.
  So, now we get to the strange part. The one and only section of staff that makes a full appearance, is, housekeeping! O.K. I'm wrong, maintenance does as well, but that is a full staff of perhaps 2, that are usually related. The toilet cleaners look forwards to this time. I wonder if it is because we remain so separate from the rest of the staff? We all enjoy each others company, we have a bond, that perhaps comes with the weird job we perform. This is really the one and only time we can get together, in decent clothing, sit back, and spend more than a few moments together. It is the time we can relax as a group.
   I have seen this time and again, and this year, it became clear. Somehow, we have managed to create our own safe haven. Sure, we have small issues. We may get mad at each other for a minute. But, we really care about one another. Each of us has had personal hardships over the years. Beloved family pets died, spouses got sick or injured, family members  became ill, sudden trips had to be made, and because we do care for each other, we had that extra warmth and compassion from our co-workers.
 No matter how tough the job gets, or how ticked off we become, there is the knowledge that one of these people will step up to the plate and lend a hand, or a shoulder to lean on. For this, I am truly grateful. With this job, I have found an amazing buddy, and developed friendships with young people, who otherwise would not have taken the time to know me, or allow me to see their character and enjoy their laughter. I have met others who I would see out and about, and suddenly found that I actually like them!! Without the job, I would certainly never have become a part of their world.
  I have found laughter in the workplace. There are many days it is hard to grab hold of, but because of those who work with me, someone will suddenly find the funny, and it will be shared. We can go home, and explain to our partners something that happened during the day, and be either totally ticked, or in hysterics, but, although they may laugh, or commiserate, they will never understand the way co-workers do.
   My buddy is always saying "God will get us" for all the catty things that we say. Guests, other staff, folks we see in the coffeeshop, we pick them all apart. "Oh, ever cute" will send us over the edge with laughter. We make up little songs for certain people, like Googly Eyes, we walked certain ways, we knock on the staff bathroom wall and asked stupid questions when co-workers are attempting to spend a few moments quietly. No one is safe. The claws are always out when it comes to folks beyond our group.
  I suppose we are being punished daily, we work in the bitter cold, but if that punishment is directed at us, for the nasty things we say, there must be a whole whack of other folks in town saying things just as nasty about us!!
  So, to my co-workers, Thank you!! This job would be a whole lot more difficult if I did not work with people who I look forwards to spending personal time with, each and every Christmas Staff party! I am not going to go so far as to say "See you Next year" because if I win the Lotto, or find some way to get my sorry butt out of the God Forsaken frozen hole, I will depart faster than summer. But, if I am not so lucky, I will certainly enjoy another evening with you in 2013!!Merry Christmas!!!