Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Now, this word always causes issues in my house. I realize I am always "thinking" but if I actually speak this, out loud, I get all sorts of reactions. Usually it is extreme sarcasm..from my dream man, boy, I am not blonde, but I "think" in his eyes, I should have been born one. O.K. to all my blonde friends, I know, this is definitely not politically correct, and I also know that growing up, the fairer haired females were generally far smarter than yours truly. That said, I am just going with the flow.
   I usually try and dye my hair red. I think I should have been born a flaming red-head. Again, the stereotype, I have a short fuse, and in truth, I used to be pretty darned freckled, now those freckles are apparently, age spots!!! But, instead of the blah ordinary mousey brown hair I was dealt, I like red. Not blonde, cripes I think I would look even worse than I do, with light hair, and.....maybe it is too ordinary as well. Red, on the other hand, is different, and I don't do your "normal" red, I like something that glitters in the sunlight, it gives me something to entertain myself when I am bored, watching the pretty colours...
  Hola... once again I have gone off tangent. So...my thinking, along with the sarcasm I get with mentioning this word, I also seem to cause fear in some. That, I can understand, because my thought process is usually pretty insane. I have the Pit bull mentality. Once I wrap my brain (O.K. another thing that generally provokes laughter) I can't let go. I am definitely someone who is always looking outside the box, waaay outside. I can't stop, I take one step, and then I am off on the run. I upset everyone who is close to me, they seldom go too far outside the box, and are content to just sniff about, maybe take a little walk to the top of the box and peer over the edge, but, that is enough. They are so easily satisfied. I can't stop, I jump right off the top, and wander miles away. Maybe this is because I have always liked to travel?
  Traveling outside the box (this might be bringing smiles to some of you dirty minded readers, so enjoy) is not without it's problems. It takes an awful lot of energy, something I am lacking, as I grow older. The weirdest part of this , is, I have become much more of a traveler the older I get. I can't imagine how far I would have gone, if I had this wanderlust in my 20's...frightening! I try very hard to resist the edge of the box, I often wish I could simply accept, and relax, but I can't.
  The blogging has become almost like medication. I don't understand, totally, why I have the need to drag others along on my treks. Honestly, I have issues understanding my own thoughts, let alone expecting others to grasp what I am attempting to make sense of. But, it seems some will take the time to see what I am blathering on about. Geez, amazing how many masochistic folks are out there!
  Anyhow, back to the thinking. I am thinking that perhaps I should change my blog name. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will still natter on about hotel happenings, that is a ginormous part of my world (sadly), but, I have so much more boiling inside, stuff that doesn't concern toilets (or maybe because it is mostly crap, it does pertain to toilets). I want to vent off the pressure all of that causes in my Blonde/Red/Brown/Grey head.
   I have wandered off the beaten hotel path on more than a few occasions, and I still have a few folks who pop in to read. I am the first to admit that I am totally boggled by computers and even my own frigging blogspot , which was totally apparent when my favourite fellow blogger informed me I had a Captcha on my blog. Bet there are a bunch of you that are as clueless about that little tidbit. I had to Google it, and click all about, before I found it. My captcha is gone, and I hope that it allows some of you to actually comment. I had to disable a few things that were gadgets I didn't want, or need. I am a slow learner, and the computer age is very new to me, and a little scary. Like everything else in life, I don't spend much time to pause, I step over the edge, and basically dog paddle, until I am able to find a spot I can stand with my head above water.
  So, beware, I am about to put my poor old dinosaur computer away, the brand new Win8, touchscreen is about to be placed upon my desk, and I have decided that I am about to open up a bunch more boxes, that I can rip wide open.
  Wish me luck, or, maybe not???