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Friday, 4 January 2013

Idle No More

Before you get all upset, I do have a hotel post, sitting in drafts. It is one of my more venomous and I am debating on whether I want to actually send it off into the world. I am thinking I may have to tweak it a little before posting, because I was on a terrible rant, and I may have ventured just a little too far.
  That said, I suppose I am now embarking on something that may be just as harsh, something I may upset the apple cart with, and perhaps offend some of my friends, but, again, something that because I have this venue, I feel the need to use it.
  I am going to give my feeling on the Idle No More Movement. I know most of you reading this, have some idea of what this is. I have posted my support for Chief Theresa Spence, because I KNOW she has the right to request her meeting with our beloved Prime Minister. She has this right, because history states our government MUST speak with those who are now called FIRST NATIONS, before any business takes place on lands that they were "given"(do not criticize this, I know my history, but, this is part of some of the treaties, so I am using the word "given", the truth may be part of a future rant).
  I have read the comments that citizens of my country have been making, regarding this woman's hunger strike. I am disgusted. Many, and I do mean, many, have been commenting on how they as tax payers have been carrying First Nations People, who get tons of money from our government, and live in squalor still. They claim Theresa Spence has allowed her people to live in horrible conditions, flittering the money the government has sent them, millions of dollars.
  Get a grip folks!! The amounts you see are false. Those amounts are what perhaps our government begins with. Then money goes through its round of red tape. The red tape regarding First Nations  is intense. Way beyond what the average Canadian can imagine. Each and every single dime must be handed out through what used to be called Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Every single thing that is "handed" out, must first go through the insane cycle of the top heavy government system.
  How many of you wonder why our tax dollars don't go far enough, well, I bet, like me, you realize the government wastes billions, and some of these billions are what they claim they give to First Nations.  Before you start spewing how tax payers are carrying First Nations on reserve, look at the big numbers. The reserves are such a small part of reality. First Nations people are a majority, off reserve. They contribute to the never ending money grab from government the same as everyone else. Can an off reserve Aboriginal state that they don't need to pay, because they are First Nations? No!!! The only people who get Tax freedom, are those who work on reserve. So, maybe ,lets just say, shut up about the amount of money YOU are paying for those on reserve, and we will say that is paid by all those First Nations who live off reserve. You're money goes for all the other stuff, happy now? You can pay for those on Social Assistance that are not First Nations!!! Because, our government back in the beginning, started the horrible Reserve system. I don't agree with it, but they figured this was the cheapest way to get what they wanted. It was an incredible bargain, they take the whole thing, and in return make a few promises, and stick every Aboriginal onto a tiny piece of land, promising that that is their own.
  Now, the rest of the country was not good enough for Mr. Harper, he decided he was simply going to erase history, he was going to wipe out the promises, he now needs ALL the land, even the tiny little bits. In truth, the tiny little bits have always been governed by the country. You state First Nations has caused the situations themselves. Give your heads a shake!! The Indian Agent was implanted on these "Reserves" right from the beginning. They decided who was or was not allowed to stay there. They were government, that was the law on Reserve. Those agents were white men, they had total control, and now, this control has been filtered down, through Band Councils, who.... surprise...still have to answer to the government. If funds are misused, then perhaps we should look way up...far beyond Band Councils, far beyond Chiefs, we must look to the Big Chief and all his nasty little Wing Chiefs. John Duncan, that's a waste of humanity. He is just a man, who has been given a position, which, likely is paid for by some of that money they claim is used towards First Nations????
  The promises that were given by the British Common Wealth, have been twisted and broken for centuries. Fear,oppression  and discrimination have kept the First Nations people captive. I am fed up with all the comments I read about "Get a job" "quit feeding off the tax payers" " quit whining about the past". Helloooo!!! First, as someone with a connection to First Nations, I will state, even in this day and age, discrimination is alive and kicking. I know full well, to attempt to get a job, as a First Nations person, is not always as easy as it is for Joe Blonde. Argue that all you like, but, truth is, stigmas are still attached , and racism may be cloaked, but it is certainly not dead.
  Whining about the past. Well, this is the one that gets me the worst. As a Canadian, I have been brought up to remember the past. History teaches us how mistakes were made, and how we can go on, into the future, without repeating. Mistakes must always be corrected. The comment that bothered me the most was from someone who was Jewish, he stated his grandparents came to Canada, to escape oppression in Germany, and family members had been murdered by the Nazis. He stated his grandparents did not whine about the past. I am sorry...maybe they didn't personally, but, truth is, we are always getting reminded of that nasty piece of history from Jewish folk all the time. Why is it acceptable for Jewish people to continually bring up history, what about the African Americans, what about the French Canadians?
  Before you get all hot and bothered about the previous paragraph, I am not saying we should not listen to the "whining", I am not saying this was not wrong, am I simply saying we must remember the past, and correct the mistakes.
  The problem is, as a Canadian, and as a person who lives in British Columbia, and as a person who has been slightly involved with First Nations, I realize the problem Mr. Harper is trying to forget, is far bigger than the average Canadian realizes. Theresa Spence is part of the 6 Nations. Her people have actually signed Treaties, which Britain agreed to hundreds of years ago. However, in our province, where everything is suppose to go gung ho with Enbridge (and I am sorry, Enbridge, in my mind, is simply the beginning of what Mr. Harper has in mind for B.C.) there are enormous territories that belong to Nations that have never, ever signed a Treaty.
  Truth be told, British Columbia should not exist as a part of Canada, why, because the British Common Wealth never finished their business. Whoa...sure there are a few Nations that signed, but, trust me, there is a large chunk that is still sitting back, watching all of this S*it going down, and holding the strings. You say this woman has no right to speak to a man as busy as Harper...Mr. Harper had best watch his back. His job is to speak to this woman, his job is to ensure all promises made by the government are kept.
  As someone who imagined they were born and raised in a free country, one that had rules that kept things running smoothly, one that I was somewhat protected from 3 world issues. One that voted in a government on promises that they would keep. I am disillusioned. Now, not only have we voted in someone who made promised that he did not keep, he has gone even further, and decided he was going to break promises made by those before him. We have something called an opposition government , that is suppose to keep us abreast of what scams those in power are attempting. WTF!!! None of it works!!! Not only is the leader not doing his job, those who are waiting and hoping in the wings are keeping silent as well, until things go too far.
  Time to wake up and smell the coffee Canada, we are in terrible trouble.We have a man who is taking what appears to some, a small part away from First Nations (a promise made). What is next? Freedom of religion,  Gay rights, freedom of choice, Woman's rights, maybe we will remove the language laws in Quebec? Don't be silly, you say...Those are law, written down in government, voted on, passed, and put into place. Clued in yet?????