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Monday, 14 January 2013

One Huge Mess

Now...the mess I speak of, is yours truly. I think most of you have already realized that I am off the wall. I vent strongly about some things, and then others, and then, it must make people wonder, is she pro or con?
  Yes, I wrote my spew on Idle No more. However, trust me, I am all for progress. My family has been heavily involved with Oil and Gas for many years. When we first started off on this course, I did more than my fair share of reading. I am not one to simply listen to one person's take on things, and jump on the band wagon. I believe it is best to wander into something with a clear head (apparently this is a simple thing for this person to do) and attempt to make my own way around issues.
  Yes, I am head strong, but...I hope that if I am wrong about something, and if it is brought to my attention, I will accept, and hang my head, in shock and humiliation. But, what riles me up, is when others have something they have been shoving down everyone's throats forever, and when they are shown they are dreadfully wrong, they refuse to accept, and continue on their own little rampage.
  Who thought I would get so pi$$ed about politics. Cripes, I remember the first time I ever voted in a Provincial election, I was clueless, just went along and voted for the same party my parents had. Funny, here we are years later, and I am still convinced that party is the right one. Nope, not going to say which party I vote for, but I assume if you read my blogs, you might have some clue. 
  So, here we go, back again with folks who are wrong, and refuse to accept. People who have some misplaced concept they are above rules and regulations. You know I am talking about, Mr. Harper. My goodness, look what he has done! What a lying sack of s*it!! The lies are one thing, the coverups another, but the arrogance is despicable . This man, who is in charge of our country, is so very busy, he does not have time to deal with the issues here, but seems to be able to fly off all over the world, pretending concern for other countries. This man is suppose to ensure his own house is clean and above board. To offer a 1/2 hour for a meeting of an issue of great importance in our country, begs the question, what on earth did he have to do for the rest of the day, that was more important? Does he really imagine that Canadians would be upset if he cancelled a few other appointments to deal with something urgent? Cripes, it happens in the real world all the time.Just fix one thing, or at least pretend to care.
  I clicked into all media when this thing hit the fan. And I noticed that true to form, Mr. Harper had set his stage. See, Chief Spence felt the urge to stand against something he had shoved through with all the other garbage in his bill. This is a free country, and she certainly had the right, because in my world, what he did is very wrong. However, I think he knew this might happen, and he had his crew ready. They put the spin on everything, and did an amazing job with this blip on the radar. I ask myself, what happened to the media? Is there not a single soul out there, who wanted to stick with the issue? No, they went off on the tangent about First Nations funding. My gosh, this is something so far from the Idle No More issue, so far from Bill C-45, but, so typical of what Mr. Harper's government has been doing for too long now.
  The Canadian people are like the bloody 3 monkeys. See no evil, Hear no evil, and speak no Evil. If someone brings our attention of something that is evil, we allow our government to dig a hole, throw it in, and then haul in some manure to cover the stink from what is really rotting. Mr. Harper is on an agenda. Mark my words. He knew the First Nations people would stand up against this, but he decided it was worth the gamble. He figures he can turn the rest of the country against their voices, by pulling up scraps to anger the rest of the people, enough to silence the message.
  Oh, I have made the terrible mistake of reading comments regarding Idle No More. I wonder if his plan is working, as I have never been so disgusted with racist comments. I grew up in the 60's and perhaps I was shielded from this horror, because we were so isolated. For this, I am grateful. But, now my skin crawls with words that people spew against one woman who felt the urge to make a stand, and for others who are First Nations.
  This is what putting a spin on things is all about folks. They are attempting to get the public so dizzy with a bunch of bit and pieces of stuff, things that are not even close to the matter at hand, so they can quietly get their way. We are stupid!!! That is the only way to put it. We are allowing this man to smirk, give a 1/2 hour, rile the country up, so if First nations do, in fact, take a stand together, all those who have become angered with the manure, will be blind to the rotting stink of the dead country buried underneath. We need to come together, we need to forget race, creed, or colour, we must protect our rights, and our freedom. We must clean off the sh*t, and stop the end of our world as we know it.