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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Investigate your own?

Now, it seems my new hobby, does not lack for supplies. My goodness, I am throttled by a constant stream of Hydro manure, it is beyond my capabilities, and I am thinking I need an assistant! Oh, not you wonderful quiet folks who sit back, smirking behind your hands, and secretly sending me more smut to drive me bonkers. I think there needs to be a full crew, smacking away at the keyboards, informing the uninformed, how our crown corporation, or whatever the crap they call themselves...perhaps, the HydroVatican, is screwing us?
  Yes, they are separate and apart from the rest of the population. That has become more apparent with the latest news that flitted through the media for mere micro seconds, and then disappeared into the same hole as BC Rail, ICBC, BC Ferries, etc etc. You know, the secret hiding place for all the crap that government did wrong, screwed the taxpayers out of money with, profited individually, because of their political positions, and now are washed clean, and free to f*ck us around again. Perhaps you missed the news blurb? It seems that a group of Hydro linesmen, may very well be in cahoots with organized crime, and used their knowledge, and from the tiny bit made public, company equipment to....help set up some hefty sized grow-ops, with free electricity..
  Oh, but the minister of energy (and I did not use capitals on purpose) feels that this criminal activity should be investigated by Hydro, not the law!! Hellooooo... does this mean that every company can investigate their own workers, if they are suspected of criminal activity? Well, of course not, we know that would never happen. But, yet it does!! ICBC investigated their own! Although those criminals used information they accessed through their job positions within the Crown corporation, the RCMP did not get to take these criminals to court, the public did not have the ability to see exactly what these people had done, with personal information they stole from private citizens. All of this was done behind closed doors, and we were simply told they had been dealt with...early retirement with severance packages, terrible punishment.
  Now we are to sit back, as Hydro does the same with their(possible) criminal employees. These people (perhaps)used their positions to profit from illegal activities, using equipment that belongs to the people of British Columbia. I keep thinking people forget this. We own this company!! Mr. WAC Bennet convinced us to make BC Hydro ours, with the promise of cheap hydroelectricity, something that we bought into, that was suppose to pay us back.
  If......you were a airline pilot with East Jet (just an example), and one day, your buddy wanted you to fly a plane to Porshalabobia to deliver a cargo of pot...just bear with me....So, after your regular flight, you drove back to the airport, loaded up the pot, flew off and delivered it(using company fuel as well), and then came back parked the plane, what do you think would happen? You would be screwed!! The company would be furious, that was their plane, their fuel, and insurance, and whatever else. Besides being criminal, you cost them a ton of money!!! Off to jail you go!!!
  However...ICBC, and Hydro really don't give a rats ass how much money is wasted by their own. It's not really out of their pocket. They have a few "spillage" accounts (can you tell I worked at a bar?) so what if there is unaccounted for fuel use, so what if parts are missing, so what if the books don't balance....cripes their books never come close to balancing!!! They are simply spending the public's money.
  There is no way they want any legal folks prodding about in their business. That is all top secret, open only to the Vatican, just those with the correct number tattooed under their genitals can investigate one of their own. The punishment will be decided, and the smoke will rise, visible only to the chosen. They will sit and debate, perhaps those linesmen had excessive bills to pay? Perhaps the massive annual income they receive was not enough, poor fellows, they had to go in search of a second income. Oh, the pressure they must have been under, maybe they had a gambling problem? Maybe they were bullied when they were children? Oh, I am sure they will come up with some pretty good excuses. Their Union leader has already stated, that" they were just doing their jobs, their job is not to knock on the door and ask if folks are running a Grow-Op". I found that statement slightly confusing, as the report seemed to state there was little chance they had been given a job number from head office to do what was done. See, Hydroids always have that lovely little bubble that surrounds them. They are above the law, above the rest of the lowly rate paying folks. They live in their own little world of benefits, and rights.
  Watch the average hydro rate payer, with an excessive high bill, they suffer the wrath of the law, and must battle their way to prove they did not have a grow op. They are often left with legal bills, that although they didn't do anything wrong, they had to pay through the nose.
  Mark my words. Maybe a few months down the road, some reporter will inquire as to what is happening in regards to these linesmen (who at this moment sit at home, suspended with pay) and we will hear how they no longer work for the company. They have retired, with a cozy severance, and will perhaps go on to work full time in their previous second income job!
  These guys did not just(perhaps) steal a pencil from work, they enabled others to get what the rest of us pay dearly for (and will pay even more in the future) for free, and, we would be fools to not realize, they were paid very well for this. They should be made to suffer the same legal investigation the average citizen must go through, when suspected of a crime. Hydro should hand over the time books, and fuel tickets, and material inventory, and let the cops sift through. If they are found guilty, all that suspended with pay, pay, should be returned!
  You, the owners of Hydro, should expect your money, and your equipment is accounted for, and if your linesman is using your material to make money off the side, you should be able to take him, and anyone who allowed him to do this, to court! Now, I'll sit back, and watch how this all pans out, because, I know... folks are innocent, until proven guilty, and those who break the law will be punished, those who follow the rules will win in the end, blah,blah,blah.....