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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bye Bye By-Laws

Well, the name of my blog is Debla's rants, therefore that is what I am go, yet again! I am absolutely insane with this slew of by-Laws that seems to be coming at us, at a rate that I can't keep up with. Every week I get a notice of some frigging council meeting to discuss By-Law 007 or what ever. Today I get home, check my mail, and lo and behold, apparently they passed yet another By-Law. This one requires every person within the district to wander on down to the district office and pick themselves up a "Burning Permit". Oh, don't worry, it's free, and last all year long!! WTF!!!!! I have lived in this house for almost 9 years, I have a firepit that the previous owners used before me, now suddenly, I am not allowed to use said firepit, unless it is inspected by the Fire Chief. Really!!! O.K. now I must arrange a time that is suitable for him to show up at my house to check out my firepit. Oh, perhaps his time is not suitable to my days off, therefore, I will have to take time, to go out back and see if my Pit passes inspection. For F*ck sakes people!! Where the H-LL do we live, the suburbs of the West Shore?
   Cat at large By-laws...cats are no longer allowed to roam free, oooohhhh the nasty old Animal Control man will capture them, treat them humanely , Hah! , keep them for an alloted time, and then dispose of them. Go ahead, tell me he takes them out to the Chetwynd SPCA where they sit in a cage forever, BS, just death row.
   Now By-Laws are on the book to Re-Zone property. Hey, likely property owned by folks who have lived in a particular zone for decades, but, for some obscure reason, the district has decided they want to include a "New" zone, with new rules. Really!! I used to own property that was Rural residential, now I am unsure of what it is listed as. Sick and tired of someone sitting in an office, deciding to change the rules, after the fact.
  We have beautification By-Laws. Not quite sure what they entail. I have not seen a single unsightly property cleaned up. In fact, one of the districts very own managers(or whatever), has a yard that is disgusting, right next to the tourist mecca Museum. He gets a lovely row of flowers planted along the sidewalk (yes, he is on the one side of the road that has a sidewalk) but, doesn't do a damn thing in his yard. We have old abandoned buildings scattered all about right in the middle of town, but, hey, not an issue with beauty!
  Like I say, sick and tired of a few idiots, making up the rules as they go along. You know damn well, this is not someone who is going to stick around for a long time, likely just until they screw up enough, then they get fired here, and head off to some other unsuspecting town, to screw with the rules there.
  I ranted awhile back about the water meters. Well, first they send me this lovely brochure, informing me how these meters are going to make things so much better. I am required to make an appointment to have it installed. I call, make the appointment. Just before the allotted time, I get a District envelope in the mail. Nasty little tidbit, informing me that I had NOT done as I was directed, and I had better get a move on, and make this appointment, because, if I didn't, I was going to have to pay for the installation out of my own pocket, and I would have to get only the single company that won the contract to install these said meters, to do the job. Hey, my tax dollars were used to mail this company's nasty note to me, on town stationary!! I got the frigging meter installed, they installed it in a building owned by my employer as well. That installation was poorly done, the weld broke, and the water poured out of the pipes in a basement. When it was found, suddenly the issue was "who was responsible"? Hellooooo..the water sat, pictures were taken, and meanwhile that building was not rentable until they got their sh*t together. Now, I come to find out, there are a whack of folks who didn't get these damn meters. Some because the metal of the pipes was not conducive to the weld on the meter. Helloooo...the system is flawed, wonder if those folks will have to dish out of their own pockets? Just an example of those in charge, not doing due diligence before jumping into an empty pool. What a waste of tax payers money. Some company is sitting back rubbing their hands together because they made money, simply because one of these idiots, thought he had a bright idea!
  See, the thing here is, some of these twits making up the rules on how to spend our money, do NOT pay a single penny in taxes... they rent!! Why? Hey, because they are just biding their time, till they get their hands slapped, get fired, and move on. They might just end up in your town, because it appears my town didn't give a rats a$$ they got fired from the city just down the road. We love getting the dregs, and screw-ups!!
  Now they are sitting back, making up a ream of By-Laws, so the next time you fire up the pit, and you and your kids are sitting around it having a nice little Hot Dog roast, be ready for the By-Law man to show up, and fine you!!Honestly!! This is truly going to make our lives better!!!!