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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hello...yes it's me again....You know, the b*tch that never stops complaining about things. You know, the #1 Hydro hater. I am off on yet another tirade.
   Who allowed people like me access to the world wide web? Silly people, they should make a rule, only nice people can blog. Instead, you have folks like me, who spew venom every single time they get the urge. I can rant away, and who knows how many unsuspecting humans will find their innocent browsing brings them to this blog of misery? Perhaps some of you feel better after reading the mutterings of such a miserable old bag? Maybe my black cloud, allows others to realize their world is not quite as bad? Hey!! I feel like I must continue on with the darkness, I am proof that there is someone out there, with more peeves than the average person. I have a purpose!!!
  As warned, I am on a Hydro rampage. I cannot believe how this one corporation can continue to pi$$ me off! Do you think they have someone in the back office, whose job it is,is to make absolutely insane decisions, to topple the apple cart? Really!! Just when you think they have gone as far as possible to disregard humanity, they take another crap on my world. This one has me fuming, and they gave it such a fancy title, which proves they write fairy tales.
  The title of this nightmare is "The Legacy". Sounds like something my hero Mr. King would write, and....perhaps he will. The closest definition I could find, that pertains to this issue is: Legacy... something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor, or from the past. I am not sure why anyone would want the legacy of Site C, but apparently they are attempting to sell it..the Legacy, that is.
  It seems that yet another form of government, which the people of this area apparently agreed to add onto the overburdened tower of power we already had, has taken it upon themselves to claim the right to sign an agreement with Hydro. This agreement sees Hydro making annual payments of over 2 million to this shiny new group of folks, who have been given some sort of authority to decide what happens in the region. The problem is.......apparently not everyone agreed to the agreement!!! It seems that some of those folks had the rug pulled out from under them, when their "leader" suddenly showed up at some meeting with the Hydroids, and sliced her finger open, to sign the bloody legacy. Hellooooo!!! WTF???
  So, now we have a board of folks, who are suppose to be looking out for the best interests of all of us, who will be affected by Site C, and they have a rabid Power Ranger in their midst that decided she knew what was in the best interest of everyone (typical). Hey, remember, I just write things as I see them, I may be off the mark a smooch, but, not too far. I know I am not wrong with the shock and dismay this Legacy agreement has caused. I am aware that my Town Council is definitely not on the same page as the rabid Power Ranger. They had no clue she was selling us down the river (literally).
  See, where I live, we have 2 Dams. We also have large sirens that dot the town, these sirens will sound if there is a breach in either dam. The people of my town will have approximately 45 minutes in which to evacuate. I have never really worried about this before, but...do you realize, there is no emergency program handed out when you become a local, I have no idea exactly where it is, I am suppose to drive, except, high ground. Where is that? Where is the "Muster station"? How we will know if anyone is missing? Those things, apparently are not required by government when it comes to Hydro. I expect they have a list of their employees, and will ensure they are all accounted for, but the rest of us...we're on our own. It frightens me, now, because I see how shoddy this corporation is, I see the pi$$ poor work ethic, I am bombarded by the fact that they need all this money to replace stuff that is falling apart. When you start bringing to the attention of the public that stuff needs to be replaced, folks who have 2 dams in their backyard, might get a little antsy.
  Now, we get nothing for this, no special rates, although the lines are right next door, and the risk is all ours. That is apparently against the rules. They do not have to pay property taxes, but get all the perks a residential tax payer gets (and pays for). They reneged on a shit load of promises when they built the big dam, and , hey, that's O.K., because they ARE government.
  Now they have come up with this legacy, to make the idea of yet another dam, more appealing. They go to a town outside the affected area, and somehow "buy" the chair of this new group (looking out for our best interest). They make an offer to pay each and every community within the region a lump sum, every year for 70 years!!! Yep, you heard it right, 70 years! Now, we get to the insane part. This money will be distributed to the communities, based on.....wait for it.....population!!! Not on the effects that will damage the two communities within the Site C area, nope...folks down the road, hours from the river, will get their clump. The two cities within the region, with the higher population will get the lion's share. No, they are not on the river, but this is how Hydro is buying acceptance. They will give the big population area money, so that those people will think only of what they will receive, and of course, for 70 years, they will continue to get money, because a tiny town, down the highway, has once again, paid the price.
  The town, that pays the price, will get....10% of this legacy. Do you think they agreed to this legacy? Not on your life!! That would be insane!!This woman, simply decided she knew what was best (for her area) and had the balls to go behind everyone's back, and sign our rights away. Hydro was smiling, this was in the media within moments..Legacy agreement signed by the Peace River Regional District!!
  Now all you folks who are sitting back, with no clue as to what Site C means to my world, likely assume it is all peaches and cream. Hydro made an offer that offsets the damage we will suffer. Get a grip, not even close!! It is yet another clear fact that our province is run by bullies. Why would we agree to pay Fort St John, and Dawson Creek a ton of Legacy, when, once the dam is built, they will simply go about their business as usual? Why would we agree to have Fort St John handed over 30% of this legacy for 70 years, when it is our town that will have the mercury filled fish, river banks that are unstable, dust up the ying yang, a body of water in our back yard that is filled with dead heads that pop up when you least expect them? Why would we hand over 70 years of money to Dawson Creek, when our property values tumble, and we become cut off from the rest of the world? Why would we share a legacy fund, when we are going to need every penny of this to repair the damage in the future?
  Now, here comes the next question...Where the F*ck is Hydro getting this Legacy fund, totaling over 2 million dollars per year for 70 years (140 million), when they are almost bankrupt? One guess....rate payers pockets. So, those rubbing their hands together with the idea that they are going to get a Hydro handout, rethink....That money will be money we pay Hydro, who will simply re-gift, wrap it up in a nice package, and hand it back!! Screw the Legacy!!! It is just another price the people of my town will have to pay, to have our lives as we know them, destroyed. Besides the money this mistake is going to cost us to construct, we will be paying for the rest of the region to benefit from our destruction. Can you say INSANE? Now we will lose the support of the surrounding area, because they are looking at a cash grab, excellent move Hydro!!
  Just my personal opinion, folks, and I know I am right, as usual!!
(BTW, perhaps Pat Pimm, Crusty Clark's new minister from Fort St John had something to do with this "hand-out"?)