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Thursday, 11 October 2012

I Don't give a S#it

Well, hello Darlings!!! I have had a very enlightening day. Today I realized that, my problem is simple. I no longer give a Sh*t about my workplace. I am hoping this makes my life easier, because, up until this point, I have been a total idiot, thinking I am responsible to ensure my side of the business runs properly.
  Oh, I am not the worse idiot, in regards to making the job my whole frigging life. That title goes to my partner in crime. I simply allowed myself to get sucked into her way of thinking. She is my friend, and I figured it was best just to go along with her, and support her, because, otherwise, she would have carried the whole bloody load herself, and she did, many times.
  Who on earth gives up their whole life for a job that entails scrubbing toilets? Hah! There have been more than just the two idiots we speak of. One has left the fold. She did not leave without damage, and she certainly did not get a prize for devotion. We watched her disappear before our very eyes.
   What the h-ll is wrong with us? This is not a career, it is cleaning 101. In my employers eyes, we are dispensable, a dime a dozen. We are the bottom of the Totem. We are acknowledged only when a little more blood is required from the stone. If we claim we cannot squeeze the stone hard enough, we get attitude, and somehow, we find a way to manage. For crying out loud!! Why have we done this?
  Today, someone summed it up perfectly. there is absolutely no moral in our workplace. It is not a matter of poor moral, there just isn't any at all. It is a job that each day, we trudge into, no one wants to be there, absolutely no one. It is like a hamster wheel, same crap, day after day, and then we turn around, and do the same again the next day. To have a pleasant surprise once in awhile, might brighten the darkness, somewhat, but I doubt that will help at this point.
  How can we boost the moral? I really can't think of anything that will work. We have been used up so badly, with no incentive, for so long, that I don't even think a raise would help. The business has become so overworked, in our area, and there has been no change for the past 8 years, except the work load increasing 3 fold. Since the increase, we have not seen a single raise! When you have folks who work for 2 years, looking at those who have been there 8-9 years, who go in early, step up to the plate, even at the end of the day, give up days off, work like banshees, and not receiving a single penny extra, what does that say to them? Hey, I understand!! Why would they go the extra mile when it is obvious there is nothing in it for them?
  I am NOT in business management. But...even I see why others simply go in, do what they must, and zip out the door without batting an eye. I see why they moan and groan when they have to do an area they don't like. The sad part about this is, someone has to do this area. We try and be fair, the two old bats will take the forbidden area, just so we don't have to listen to the complaining. But, it is clear, we get no reward for this, besides pulling out the usual back muscle, and suffering for days or weeks, while the others look at us with pitying eyes.
  Yesterday was when my eyes opened, and I saw everything clearly. We have had someone working with us for a month or more. I think in that time, she has worked a total of about 14 days. She spent part of this time working in tandem with my buddy, which is usual. A person learns what is expected, by following the example of the most anal housekeeper, LOL. Yesterday she was asked to do a particular area, and instantly she started whining, she didn't want to have to do certain things, she just finished doing so much. FML!! I was speechless. I watched the switch flick with my friend. Perhaps the timing was at the utter peak of BAD, but I simply waited to see what spewed out of one of the calmest, most patient person's mouth. Oh she did well, she told the person they could just go home, and we would finish off. HOLA, I was proud of her. I had felt the overwhelming urge to lash out with a slap.
   However, at that moment, I realized, why the H-LL should we do the work of others, after doing our own share? Nope, sick and tired of this crap! Not going to save my employer another wage, just because a co-worker refuses to do their share. The undone shares will just have to sit. I sincerely hope my friend can stop for a moment, and remember the other person who gave their all for this company, and find the strength to put her foot down.
  I hope that somehow I can figure out a way to return Housekeeping to a place where there is laughter and consideration, but apparently laughter is not acceptable in our job, so moral is a very unlikely possibility.Guess, we will just have to stick with the "Don't give a s*it".