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Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Voice

I sat down to write about this last week, and didn't get it done. Since then, I see my mentor has put it on his blog, and I feel so strongly, I best get at it.
  I got news of Mr. Harper's latest foray, through Facebook. I was writing a comment, and had a friend's daughter hint of this on the same thread. I just had to go check it out, as I didn't believe what I was reading.
  Now, first,to let all of you folks out there understand a tad of what is happening in my neck of the woods. In the past few years, it appears a large chunk of our resources in this area, have been of interest to China. Hey, I am all for progress..I grew up in a very small town that survived on natural resources as it's economy. I am one of those who want to slap those who attempt to stop mining and logging, for the sake of tourism. Tourism is fine in it's place, but, it is not going to put food on every table in British Columbia.
   I have a problem with big city folks who thumb their noses at logging. Cripes, if we were still using paper bags, our environment would not be in the mess it is now, with all those frigging plastic bags. You can grow a new tree very easily, you can grow a whole new forest. There is a whole new thing that has begun in my lifetime, called Silviculture, give this a look see and stop squealing about logging. Sure, clearcuts may be ugly for a while, but they are actually beneficial to wildlife, and in time they grow, and the cut is fresh and healthy. Old growth has it's place, and no, I certainly am not in favour of cutting down all the trees, but, you people in your saving the trees have gone just a little too far, and caused forests to be destroyed through your save the tree crap!
  I grew up in an area that had many old mines. Yes, I am aware of tailings ponds, and the yuck, and poisons that were left in the past. However, get a grip, times have changed, experience and science have regulated things to the max. There are rules that must be followed. Regulations for environmental and employee safety are harsh, and that's a good thing. Because the mistakes of the past will not be repeated, and progress will continue, and generations in the future will profit from what resources are abundant in the small communities that rely on those things that city people find repulsive and abusive to "nature".
   I have always felt that those in the big glass and steel buildings in the city, who make their living with every single convenience in life, Wal-Mart's(LOL) fine dining, high end clothing stores, transit, concerts, paved roads, fancy hospitals, etc etc. do so, simply because in the back ground, Joe Blow is drilling a well, hauling coal, and digging for diamonds, without all the perks. There would be no city, without the resources!!!
  However...I also believe that we must treat our resources correctly. We must protect our land, and our people. I read about the practices in China, I am shocked at what they do to rape their country. I am disgusted at how their workers are abused. I , in truth, have always wondered where the heck Green Peace is, when it comes to the practices that seem to go unnoticed by the rest of the world. These people do not follow any regulations, they simply rip anything and everything they can from the earth. Hey, they thrive on plastic, put it into everything, even dog food! Oh, yeah, lets import lead painted toys from them. Really, a country that blatantly has no rules, and we sit quietly allowing them to do as they please.
  Now...it appears Mr. Harper thinks that we should welcome them with open arms into our country, to allow them to do business they way they want. He is signing a 31 yr. contract with them, giving them rights that Canadian companies do not have. Regulations will be tweaked to accommodate their wishes, they will not have to follow the same rules. WTF is this???? Folks this is happening now. I did not believe it, until I went searching. Your Prime Minister (yes, I voted for him) has been doing back room deals, and is about to sign something that will change our way of life forever. It will change the way our land is treated, and our people.
  We are where the Aboriginals stood, generations ago.Sadly, we will all come to understand how those people felt, when the White man arrived. Our land is no longer going to belong to Canada, we are being sold out to the highest bidder.
  Wake up now, I am not sure how we can stop this, but, time is running out! I highly doubt tourism will be an option if this goes ahead.