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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I got Stoned and I Missed It!!!

So, just to show you, I am less than perfect, I will admit that that frigging Nurse Ratchet, went on one of her blitz'es the other night, and decided a strip I had done, did not meet her extremely high standards. Let me say, before admitting my faults, this bag of poop, used to do the same job as me. Well, sort of....She was in our work area, she would show up, usually 1/2 an hour after my buddy and I, and then besides, hide out most of the day, she would somehow sign herself as working far longer than we did. In fact, my buddy and I were once the only two people working a holiday, and lo and behold, come the day the time sheets went into the office, this piece of work, marked herself as working that day, and...longer than we did!! We had hopes that when she zoomed up to the higher echelon, she would remember exactly how bloody hard we worked, but, those memories did not last the moment she stepped into the doorway. I have seen her work, with a single bottle of windex and a rag, and whip through rooms at the speed of light. She was sloppy, but she was smarter than us. She did 1/2 the work, and took all the credit, except when it came to a complaint, those were always the fault of someone else.
  Now this nasty person has all the time in the world to stick her nose into all aspects of the place. Guess the other night, she decided to spend some time on the phone (one of her usual habits) in the suite I had cleaned. I admit, I did not do a perfect job. I did not fluff the couch pillows properly, I did not dust the backs of the chairs, and I left a stupid barbie ice cube tray out (mainly because I did not know what to do with it, we have a frigging ice machine in the lobby)on top of a microwave that was placed on top of a fridge, that was placed on top of a table.Oh, and it appears while she sat, she noticed some cobwebs. I am not too sure where the cobwebs were, as the room has very little lighting, like most rooms, you need a flashlight to find the damn sink! So..this morning I find a note, she took the room off the books, not clean enough to rent!!! Honest to goodness!!! A room with a hole in the wall, or the smell of rot that will knock your socks off, or even a room with a window that leaks down the wall, are acceptable, but...not an ice cube tray (which ended up in the garbage) un-fluffed pillows, and invisible cobwebs.
  I spent my time cleaning that room, choking on the pot fumes coming from the adjacent suite. I will once again , say, I am NOT A PRUDE!! However, this is my workplace. There are guests who must pass random drug tests, staying in this hotel. Hey, if Joe Blow wants to smoke a joint, go for it. But, these folks started inhaling at 8AM and continued all bloody day long. I have a hard enough time getting through my day normally, but lets just add a bag of weed to that, and I am ready to take a nap, after raiding the kitchen. Hey, it is not like the office can't smell this sh*t, a person entering the building gets hit by the fumes. I am suppose to find the frigging cobwebs, when all I can think of is a Mars bar and a bag of chips?
  If my employer feels the customer has the right to indulge in whatever suits their fancy, and I am suppose to pretend this does not bother me, then send in the Nurse, she can damn well sit in there, munchie free, and suck those damn cobwebs up her butt!!!
  BTW, I found a whole whack of other things I missed in that room, when I went back in without the pot. She should have got off her butt and had a closer look. Guess the next time I am sent to strip that room, and the fog is thick, I will simply tell them I am not capable of doing a good job while stoned!!!