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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bone Us

Heehee, I know, pardon the pun on words. But tonight I feel the urge to speak about Moral, yet again. It appears my employer is a little upset with the production from my "sector". We are just not pulling the same weight as before. We are walking away when the work listed is done, and not there in case someone beckons and calls for us. We do not go looking for jobs that could keep us busy after the normal duties are accomplished. The schedule is looking pretty barren. It seems everyone has cut back on their availability. For the most part, we are avoiding any social interaction amongst other employees. For the first time ever, people are simply ensuring they do their required 2 weekends, and just the bare minimum besides. We are doing what needs to be done.
   We have in the past gotten into trouble when work has been completed and some have been observed by the employer doing nothing, and getting paid. This has always been a no no, we have had lay offs because of this before. Suddenly the issue changes, the complaint is that no one is there after a specific time, when a last minute job arises. So, what is it to be, someone sitting about, perhaps cutting up rags, waiting just in case someone decides they need housekeeping after the regular duties have been completed, watching their back, because they are costing money, and doing diddly? It is no wonder we are all confused.
  A couple of us have been going in very early, we started this when we had rooms that were empty only for a small window between shifts. This was done to keep the guest happy, and it appears the employer simply turned a blind eye. She didn't get any complaints, and in time, she would  make a note that we were to whip in immediately and do a room at this early hour. We made things very convenient, however, we certainly did not get anything extra in return.
  The other day, the issue of moral was brought to the employers attention. She was informed that there is no incentive, perhaps a raise would boost moral? NOT EVER!!! It appears this was not going to happen, no one in  housekeeping was about to get a raise.
   Hello...so, we picked up the slack, we work every single day, sometimes 2 doing the work of 4, insane physical work loads, laundry, packing, dealing with customers who check out at various times, and check in whenever they show up. We have crew changes, 3 to a unit out of the blue, we work out doors in -40 temps, or in the blazing heat, moving from one area to the next. For almost 2 years the employer has seen her business full, without a thought as to how this was affecting her employees.
  When your employer does not consider her employees as people who have families, and lives, because her world revolves around her business, and in her mind, we should all devote ourselves to what she had decided is her world, you have a problem. She has to realize that this is just a job to us. She does not have the right to question why we feel the urge to cut back to deal with personal issues. If she does not like us cutting back on days, well...she has a choice, make it mandatory to work a set amount of days, or we are fired. I expect she is well aware, she will lose absolutely every single employee if she sets this rule.
  But when she states that she is not going to even consider a raise for anyone in this section, she is kicking every last one of us in the head.
  Then she comes up with another plan, "what about a bonus system"?
  Helllllooo. we did not get a bonus when we worked our butts off day after day, short staffed. What would we have to do to get this supposed bonus? I do not have anything more to offer. I am tired of giving all I've got, for nothing but my pay determined by the minute I arrive to the minute I leave. I do not like the fact that our positions are the only ones that do not get paid overtime if we work over 40 hours a week. I do not like the fact that we are the only ones (besides maintenance) that must work outside, no matter what the weather. I do not like the fact that we are the only ones that must clock in and out for our lunch. Now we are also the only ones that cannot expect a raise!! But...there is that Bonus......
  Who is going to decide who gets the bonus? Will it be my buddy who is our "boss"? Hummm...Well that would mean she would have to suggest herself, unless someone did more than her. Come on!!! This is an insult. The bonus should have been given time and time again. It is rude to think of dangling a carrot to try and wring more work out of us.
   We are husks. We have been used up for years, with absolutely no reward, and now when we are at the point that we perform like trained seals, just go in, do what is on the list, and crawl home, we get a list of what we are no longer giving. This was all given in the past, with the hope that it would be recognized, and appreciated. The lack of acknowledgement went on far too long, hope was lost, the urge to excel left the moment we clued in that we were giving and not receiving. To have the words spoken that a raise was not going to happen, just assured all that there was no reason to give more than we absolutely have to.
  A bonus is something that is a promise. It is not an acknowledgement of what we have done, it is simply a way to get us to do more, for a chance at the brass ring. Nope, I think a bonus will just cause another problem. When one person gets it at the end of the month, for something they did, someone else is simply going to be upset because they stepped up to the plate as well, and did not receive acknowledgement. This is not the type of job that will work well with a bonus system. Hey, if Joe Blow does something wonderful at the beginning of a month, why on earth is another going to attempt to out do them? From my personal perspective, this idea is insane! It is only going to cause bad feelings amongst the staff.  Maybe if she is lucky, she will get little Missy do-gooder who gets this bonus every single time, because everyone else has just decided to just say "screw-it".
  I am afraid that this has just disappointed the whole crew. We know there is no hope to make up for all the work that we have been forced to perform in the past, there is nothing in our future, besides this possible bonus. So...those who make whatever amount a minute, know that amount will never change, unless we luck out and get the big Bone Us!!!