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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Whoa...bet that perked a few of you up,lol. Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but the addiction, is my blog spot. Here I sit, day off, actually accomplishing something resembling housework, and this nagging voice in the back of my head, pushing me to stop that instantly, and go on-line. Oh, I fought it, in truth, I would be off work if I was at the paying job, so, not too guilty to blabber away now.
  Today, I think, is a day to speak of drama. Yes, it overfloweth  (if that isn't a proper word, it should be)at my place of employment. I am pretty much sick and tired of the same old same old. It does not revolve around the whole business, simply one section. Because this section appears to be the center of my employer's universe, all energy is doled out to that area. I can honestly say, the energy is not doing a damn thing to fix stuff, but it pours into the area, leaving all other sections bare of concern.
  I will tell you how bad this lack of concern is...We have basically ran out of certain linens, stuff you cannot do without. It is so bad (how bad is it?) that we must run around stripping beds and pillows, throwing it immediately in to be washed, and then dried, to put it back on the same beds. Yep, nothing extra, no big pile of stuff to work with. We informed the employer months ago, and an order was to be placed. When questioned on the expected arrival date about 10 days ago, we were told the order had been forgotten. An apology was given, however, sorry does not make a bed!! How could this important matter have been neglected, well, simply because the employers mind was on her "pet" section, and all other matters cease to exist.
  We work very hard to keep drama out of our area. There is far too much work to be done, that energy cannot be wasted on crapola. However, because we have managed to keep our work place running, as efficiently as possible, the employer has simply put her blinders on when it comes to housekeeping. She is informed when we are drastically short staffed, but ignores the fact, and continues to fill rooms day after day. We mistakenly drive all those who dare to show up, to complete all tasks, even thought they are daunting. Each day the employer sits in the office, assured they will have all empty rooms available at the end. We tried to explain that the day will come when this doesn't happen, but...Now the boss is able to concentrate on the really important stuff, happening in the core of her world. Nope, no drama in Housekeeping, therefore, obviously that job is not something she must even think about. Goodness, they are running out of linen, well set that aside, and deal with something dramatic, because linen shortage is boring!
  I think, we have gone about all this the wrong way. Years back, Nurse Ratchet told us we were never to go to the office! Yep, she was the one and only person who had access to that door, and communication with the boss was forbidden to us lowly individuals. Now she no longer works in our area, but she is a part of the forbidden area. We have just got into the habit of staying away as much as possible, because that is where the blackness comes from. If we had started this with a whole lot of drama, moaning and groaning, and threatening to quit, and stomping our tiny little feet (O.K. big clodhoppers) we might very well have become important. Our drama would have interested the boss, maybe we could have shared all our personal business with her, making her feel motherly towards us. Instead, we simply go in, get our long list of work, do the job, and leave...boring...We are just ordinary employees, who can apparently manage without supplies, or raises, or bonuses, just the odd "Sorry" maybe a "Thank you" just before a slap on the hand because of a complaint.
  We have warned about the dreaded short staffing. It has reared it's head every so often lately, but the enormity of this is about to blow very soon. We will soon have a ton of linen, and no one to work with it. Wonder how dramatic we can be when this occurs? I am gearing myself up, I refuse to come to tears over this (and I admit, I have been driven to tears through over work at this place) I really don't want to become verbally abusive, not quite ready to become unemployed, and lacking in the drama department. So, here we have yet another coming attraction to Bizarro world. Let's hope that this universe starts to tilt just a little , before all that is left, is the tiny little gum ball in the center of it.