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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pay Back

So....Do you ever feel that when you take a "holiday" from work, somehow you use up all the rest after only a few days, or even, the first day? I swear, the moment I walk in the door, feeling pretty chipper, and clear minded, all h-ll breaks loose, and I am right back to the state I was in before the break. Something is very wrong with that. Why does a person have to pay back for taking a break? Oh, I know, part of that pay back is because all those others who worked while I was relaxing, now need to relax as well. This system is broken! Honestly I have worked 5 days, and now feel I deserve 10 days off, hey, not only do I deserve them, I desperately need them!
  I spent a full week, getting rid of that nasty back ball of pain, that comes with making a hundred million beds a day. I attempted to whisk the nasty smell out of my life, it was wonderful waking up to smell the cedars, instead of the rotting plywood (hey, I even enjoy the smell of rotting cedars). With my sinus area cleansed and the tennis ball of ache gone, I was all ready to slowly make my way back into the real world. Hah!
  The reality hit me instantly. The humungous fan blowing from under the building was the first eye opener, and the smell of cedars was a thing of the past. Then the book, full of room changes, and little notes of to-do's. Then the short staff issue. The first bed I went to make, the wheel falls off the frame, and I am left lifting a queen sized box spring and mattress with my shoulder to attach the wheel. Bingo..you guessed it, the ball of pain returned. Day one had me attach yet another frame wheel. I walked about 10 miles back and forth from buildings to grab items. No air conditioning allowed for the cleaning staff, those are expensive to run, and are for guest use only....Oh, and Ms. do not disturb for 6 days, suddenly decided that the day we were strapped for staff, was the day she was ready to bless me with entrance to her room, to do the full clean.....Not a pleasant experience.
  I know there are folks out there, that truly enjoy their jobs. Hey, maybe even some that can't wait to go back after vacation (could happen!). I am not one of those. .
  So, now I sit, professional single handed bed frame wheel attacher, trying to ignore the expanding tennis ball of pain, and ready to hit the shower to clean that smell of who knows what, off my person.
  I am counting the days till I can take that next holiday, and trying not to wonder what the pay back will be this time.