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Monday, 20 August 2012

Smiles and Smiles of Capers

Started this yesterday, on an upbeat, but didn't finish. Really want to write something positive, and will continue on this tangent, however, I must admit, it only takes a second in my workplace, to wipe any resemblance of a smile from my face...
  So, onto the smiles of Capers. Sounds a little fishy? Well, they likely do fish, and surely like fish, and come from an area there are plenty of fish...but they are not fish. I am talking about folks that hail from Cape Breton. Oh Lordy, (as they may say) what a group. It only take a few of these exceptional folks to totally brighten the most boring day. Their accents are musical, much like the Welsh, or...those from the Southern States, just a simple sentence can make the corners of your mouth twitch. They could be telling you the floor is caving in, and with that lilt, it sounds like something you should laugh at.
  I expect I can't group all the Capers into one cubby, there are likely some who are just as miserable as myself, but...none that I have had the "pleasure" to meet. These at our hotel, are delightfully blunt, but somehow they can put a spin on the honesty, that one cannot be offended. Just stating facts, and not with a mean spirit. It appears they have decided to live every single day with a positive outlook. It is difficult to believe that they are completely across the other side of the country from their loved ones. I am sure they feel that empty hole when they have a moment to themselves, but...on the outside, they fill the air with laughter and music.
  You all know how I hate my place of work, the shabbiness, the smells, the mistreatment, the unfairness, and total lack of consideration, but...on the day that the Capers have off work, the place seems brighter, and although it still stinks to high heaven, it is almost unnoticeable.
  That's all it takes, a group of a few happy folks, and everyone working seems to catch the "wave". Now, not all this group are Capers, however, for the most part, they are a pretty decent group. There are a bunch of young men, about the same age as my son, these I have a soft spot for. I think of their Mothers, in other provinces, wondering about their boys. They do get the one day off, but, in truth, they must work them pretty hard, because they haven't manage to make any nasty messes, some like the young man that is so polite, are actually neat as a pin.
  Now their day off, is actually my favourite day to work. Most of them try and sleep late (or perhaps have passed out) and we get away with not having to do every single room. Oh we have tons to keep us busy, but, it is one day a week, when we can actually stop running, and simply listen to the sounds of people  having a good time. Something not often heard within these walls.
  We tend to dread large groups that descend upon us all at once, and usually for good reason. This time, though, they have actually given us something totally unexpected, and that is the opportunity for a smile and a laugh. For this, I say, Thank you!!