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  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
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Sunday, 26 August 2012


First, again, let me say, I am not a prude!!Then let me also state, I do not give one crap whether my employer gets $15 for an extra guest in a room! Now, let me explain the proper etiquette of having sleepovers in your hotel room....
 If you want your honey, girlfriend, hooker, whatever, to spend an evening sharing your room that is listed as one person only...be subtle. Don't go off to work, leaving Honey Boo Boo snoozing in your bed, for the housekeepers to whip open the door on. Get the woman to get out of bed the same time as you, and make herself scarce. Come on, if she doesn't want to hide out, simply slip the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.There is nothing more annoying (O.K. maybe some things) then to have little Missy, lift her bed head up, crawl out of bed to head outside for whatever time she feels is necessary, so the biddies can whip in, make up the bed, clean her hair out of the tub, wipe her makeup off the furniture, pick up her soaking wet towels, and basically rush through for someone who isn't even suppose to be in the building. Honest to goodness, I bet I could count on one hand how many girlfriends have showed up, that actually do not add extra work for us. I keep thinking about the times when I have gone with my honey, and he has left me (yep, we book in as a couple) in the room. That sign goes on immediately. I may wander out in the hallway when I know the staff is cleaning rooms, and hand them the towels, so I can have fresh ones, but generally I will just hang the ones from the previous night (they dry, and unless I had a mud bath, can be used a second time).
  This past few days has seen an amazing collection of extras. Rooms that have 2 people in, suddenly needing 6 towels, folks who don't have a room, wandering in the linen room to help themselves to towels. Women opening doors to offer us the opportunity to "come on in, and do what you normally do"....Huh????Oh yes, Sweetie, why don't you just sit there on the couch, and watch us make your bed, and kick your undies out of the way as we vacuum. Good Gosh, were they brought up watching their mothers clean? I just can't figure this out. I realize the boyfriend is paying for the room, however, he is paying for a single. Why not save yourself the extra charge, and be nice to the housekeepers. We won't tell the office they best be charging more money, if you simply ask for towels.
  It has gotten so bad, that one unit that has two beds, is now used by at least 6 people, not including children. HOLA!!! To be truthful, sleepovers are not something adults do with other adults, unless, of course they are either intimate, or perhaps kinky. O.K. maybe camping.....or a family reunion or something like that. But, really, how many times since college has anyone rented a hotel room to have all their friends pack in to party? We don't have any Penthouses, or Jacuzzi suites...In truth our establishment is the last place I would invite my friends to party in.Funny thing, they are not partying. just a close knit group of friends, maybe?Or perhaps a large group of homeless folk?
  So guys (yes, it is only guys that have the surprise visitors) if you want your Sweetums to get a free stay, explain the fact that she will have to make your bed (or not) and manage somehow with the 2 sets of towels already hanging. Then as you go out the door, leaving sleeping beauty resting for your return, simply place the DND sign on your door. She will slumber without interruption. The old biddies may whisper that you have a guest, but, they will not go blabbering to the office costing you a small fee for the use of both sides of the bed.