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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 10 August 2012

Thank You!!!

Hellllooo, everyone, I am back!!! I am absolutely touched and amazed at how many people have mentioned they missed my blog. I understand, most of them live here, and life is so boring, even my nattering is exciting. Pretty sad, eh? My goodness, my life is so damn boring, it often makes me sleepy, I can't imagine  living vicariously through me,it is heart wrenching, but I do appreciate you faithful, bored few.
  The grey matter is brimming to overflow with useless garbage. I can't quite figure out exactly what to write, so, I will use this space to tell you a few tidbits from my trip to the past.
  First a thank you to those who worked very hard to organize the big event.Second, a big fat booger to those who promised to be there, and didn't show. Hola, there was a bloody 6 foot cake!!! Bet there was 4 feet of it still sitting at the finish. Food coming out the ying yang, so much food that I didn't feel an inkling of guilt loading up my plate, more than enough for the whole darn town to fill up, for a couple of days.
  The one problem, someone didn't think that old folks need light to see, heehee. Actually, it was fun to peer around and not look nosy. I found staring at the buffet tables was the best way to recognize some of the "old" faces. I will say, one of the worst moments is when you recognize someone, and they don't recognize you...yikes, guess I am not simply an older version of me. Or, maybe I was so quiet and shy growing up, that they don't remember me?
  I enjoyed spending time with my "babysitter". How many of you can say at 56, you rekindled a tie with the person who watched you when you were too young to be left alone? Saddest part, she looks younger than me!!!
  Some faces I had not seen in 30 or more years, and it was wonderful, getting a message from one sent by my Grade 7 teacher along with a hug, was amazing. This woman was the one and only teacher who told me I had a gift for writing, and also, gave me straight A's, lol. She is one of my unforgettable people, and to be remembered by her was very special. See, I am not so bad after all!
  Those who have remained in my hometown, are faces I look forwards to, each trip. To have friends who have know you since you peed in the culverts, means you don't have to pretend. They have seen me standing in green slime catching polliwogs, and heard my mother (and I heard theirs) call all 3 of my names, first, middle and last, in that tone only Mothers have. They remember that special person, Bill Mike Moe. They remember garden raiding (only carrots and peas)together. They watched our little town boom and bust over and over again, and although they have traveled through time on their own roads, we can have hours of conversation, beginning with "remember when". I was lucky enough to spend time with my friend who has a laugh that once it starts, you have to join in.
  All in all, I know it is 2012, and for the most part, I have to live life in the present. But, the past without the bad, and sad bits, is a wonderful place to spend some time.For those who hold that ability to take me back to the good old days, I thank you!!!