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Thursday, 16 August 2012

One Nighters/Hide-a-Beds

Good morning, all. Yep, last day off, and I am up with the birdies. What the heck is wrong with me? Every single morning I crawl out of bed for work, I wish I could just go back to sleep, and dream of the days off, when I can snooze long past 6:30 AM, here it is, and I am up before usual. I suppose it is because I don't have to spend the day somewhere I hate, and actually look forwards to my day. I do, however, wish I could get a couple of extra hours under the covers.
  Now, to get this off my chest before we go onto the chosen subject. I realized last night, as I posted about the "pet" area, that I might offend some of those who actually work in the area. Before you get your knickers in a twist, I understand that some (one) of you folks has been working your butt off for months, without days off. FYI, DB, this was NOT directed at you,LOL.
 Onto the One nighter business. I hate one nighters!!! For some reason, Nurse Ratchet's favourite saying when we go in for an extreme day of weeklies and strips is..."oh, don't worry, the strips were one nighters".
  In the perfect world these 1N(one nighters) would be a cinch. In the perfect world, they would have been someone so tired of driving, they simply stop, get a room, sleep, and then continue on in the morning, leaving a bed, and perhaps shower to clean. Hah!!! It doesn't always work that way. I swear some times, a room is rented , a sign is posted outside the door, inviting every single guest to enter, and party hardy. These 1N can take a whole afternoon to muck out. Of course they are always priorities, which means they are already rented again, and must be done. The last 1N was a suite. My buddy got rich with the beer returns! Every surface was covered in cans and ashes, the sink was full of dishes, cripes, they even hauled out the toaster, leaving a mound of crumbs, and crusts. Every towel used, a pillow missing, garbage can filled to the rim, and floors sticky.
  Hellooo!!I can explain to the office that the room is a disaster, but, it just doesn't fizz. They have no concept of how much work has to go into a strip like this. Oh, plus, this room had a hide-a-bed.
   To those folks who check into a room like this, please simply leave the bed out when you exit. We cleaning folks, hate hide-a-beds, and especially hate having to open them up to check to see if they were used. I am not sure, in the nice new modern day hotels with these contraptions, perhaps things are easier. In our hotel, opening the bed means having to rearrange the whole room. We have to lift wobbly tables, slide ginormous TV's , move chairs into another area, simply to allow us to open the bed. If it is clean, the rearranging goes in reverse. If it has been used, moans will escape. To make these things is an acrobatic feat. Many are so close to the wall, and older permanent airconditioner/heaters, that to put the sheets on, means a person must actually climb onto the bed to put the bedding on. Personally, I think we should employ a very tiny person, simply to make the hide-a-beds, likely an anorexic because even my skinny buddy cannot fit between the walls and these beds! On the coldest day, in January, these work up a sweat, imagine what it is like on those sweltering days of August, when the airconditioners are not to be used by staff?
  In truth, those who work here, suggest that anyone sharing a room with a hide-a-bed, you would be far more comfortable simply sleeping on the couch. We have seen guys take the mattress off and place it on the floor for long term stays. If you pull it out, you are basically paying to be tortured.
  I will admit, many times the 1N are easy peazy, nothing I love more than to enter a room and find the bed used, and nothing else. But, I have learned opening a door on 1N rooms, can be a nasty shock, and wish that Nurse Ratchet would lay off thinking she can read how messy a guest is, simply by the time she spends filling out their information. No one knows who a person really is, except the cleaning staff. I watch Hoarders, Buried alive...just because someone is neatly dressed, doesn't mean they can't manage to make a total pig sty in one night.