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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Anti-Everything, Pro-Everything

I recently read an article, that is popping up all over Facebook. The title was Anti-Everything. It, of course was a rant on those who are attempting to slow down LNG, to slow down hydro-electric projects, etc. It appears when someone attempts to put a halt to anything, they suddenly become ANTI.
  I wonder, do I come across ANTI everything? If I do, I am not expressing myself properly. I am not against everything in regard to natural resources. I also do not believe most of those who are speaking up to try and stop huge projects, are also, anti everything. 
 Why are folks labelled anti when they ask questions? If the answers to the questions were given, and made,....wait for it....common sense, most average citizens would be willing to accept. The problem is, questions are NOT answered, the only words given are money amounts. Money, great as it is, often does not offer a return of what is sold, and selling is exactly what all of this anti-pro everything is all about.
  Our government is selling off what belongs to all of us, the treasure, in and on the land, and water, the very substance that gives us the ability to call ourselves British Columbians. These treasures are NOT the government's to give, they belong to the people..pro, anti, and yes....those in the middle. Our government has somehow managed to split the population, to drag racism up from the hole it was buried in, and to make enemies out of neighbours. If one person does not like the idea of losing what they enjoy, so that a couple of other folks can make a quick fortune, they are branded anti-progress.
  Again, I state, I am not against progress, I fought in a battle about 10 years ago,in a small group, for progress. I believed in what I was fighting for, my choice, my personal opinion. If I heard a statement regarding H2S, and how it might kill off bus loads of students, unknowingly driving past a sudden sour well, I went on-line, and did some studying. Hey, they could have been right, and I wasn't going to simply accept either side..I took my time. I am not an expert on what I fought for, however, I do know some facts, and that..that is what some of us are asking for!
  I want facts on why all of this is necessary, and why it is moving along too quick for my personal comfort. I want a chance to study up, and weigh both sides, so I can see for myself where I want to stand on things.
  I do not want my stance to be based on Crusty's minions warning that if we do not rush into this, we are going to be sorry, and we will lose out on any chance of profit. We won't lose. Crusty has given everything that has come across her desk the golden seal of approval, so that whatever money is possible, will drop into the coffers on her watch. Then, of course, she can almost guarantee another stab at her position, because look what she did for us!!
  Do any of you know how much money comes from the area I live in? Oil and Gas abounds here, and all these companies pay a hefty price to our government. What are they doing with all of that money? Do you see a huge increase in benefits because of all that money that was not there, say 10 years ago? We certainly don't see diddly squat!! We have sh*t a$$ health care, that is getting worse by the moment, we have education shortages, we have pi$$ poor highways, and pi$$ poor ambulance service, but..there is this enormous amount of money coming from right next door to our homes.
  Now we are suppose to believe, if we accept even more pipelines, and yes, a huge Hydro project, suddenly our government is going to have a ton of spare money to hand over all that we have not seen yet. Sorry...I certainly wasn't born yesterday!! It seems each time the government gets a whack of cash, the cost of everything rises, to suck that cash right up.
  That is why I seem to be on the ANTI side. I am not jumping into any of this, without checking outside the box. I am sick and tired of some feeling that those who question are whiners, and green, and hippies, and welfare bums, and hypocrites. 
  When the world stops questioning, and everything government wants, is done, lickitty split, we will be in some serious trouble. Those folks sitting in areas that are just on the verge on all this exciting oil and gas, are rubbing their hands together with the thoughts that they are going to benefit. Oh, oil and gas companies don't litter, they don't drink, they don't do drugs, they have strict rules. Ki$$ my butt!! They are NO different than any other frigging huge company. They have their share of f*ck-ups, they are just human!!
  No drugs!! That is the one thing I can speak from experience! You would be blown away by the amount of drugs!! No drinking,,,get real!! No littering..grow a brain!! To blindly spew how perfect oil and gas is, is just as stupid as stating rig rats are all dirty pigs. That is a lie as well. Many rig rats work so damn hard, they don't have time to do anything else, they barely get time to sleep. Some of the cleanest guests we have had in the hotel are drillers, and rig labourers. Some of them are the most polite, and thoughtful guys I have met. I have actually attempted to contact a drill company to tell them how amazing their crew was. But...on the other hand, some of the filthiest, drug users have been the pipeliners. So...reality is, they are companies, staffed by all walks of life. If some of you figure they will pour into your area, never blow a stop sign, never drop an empty on the side of the road, or you will have instead, nothing but drunks, snorting up behind the bushes, and grabbing all the local females, get a grip.
  However, I suppose there are only two sides to all of this, pro and anti. No one is allowed to do some research, and no questions are to be answered, because that is only stopping progress. Those who must change their way of life, those who will be impacted, should simply swallow, and suck it up, otherwise they are anti! Those who have decided the price is worth what they feel they will reap, and willing to rush blindly in without a care, because they feel they can walk away without effect, they are the pros.
 There is, no matter how those pros feel, a third group, those who try and keep an open mind, those who just want to pause and check facts out. Those who have questions that dollar amounts don't answer. Those who feel the future deserves a few moments of the present, a bit of due diligence, to ensure those who follow, are not left with a mess. We just want to make sure we do things to the best of our ability, not as quickly as possible, because jobs that are done too quickly, often miss some pretty important spots. Maybe we are the "special" ones, the slow learners, the ones sitting on the fence, waiting to see which side looks the best. Give us some time, we will figure it out at some point, but, we need our own group for just awhile longer. We are simply the "Check- Everything"group.