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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Blogged Down

  Just had to title this the above as, in truth, I am feeling bogged down, therefore, I just have not been able to sit and send off daily, or even weekly rants. I have far too many rants stewing away, getting rid of one at a time, just isn't possible. I can't pick the one thing I want to send out into cyberspace, and my grey matter is becoming overloaded.
  I recently made the decision to cut back my work days. One would imagine scrubbing toilets is a pretty menial job, with very little thought process needed. Well, the actual scrubbing procedure is very basic, but, somehow, outside issues worm their way into even a simple job, and one begins scrubbing a toilet with the weight of a cement barricade resting on their shoulders.
 I started working at a fairly young age, in a job that required some thought process. I was also required to dress appropriately, be friendly, and helpful. Those were what my employee expected. There were a whole lot more rules handed out by my parents. My Mother had a whack of morals that she would hand out on a daily basis to me. I guess I will share some of these with the world, as, like Aesop's fables, a lot of my view of how I live my life, has been based on these snippets.
  One of the most heard.."remember who butters your bread". Now those butter'ers were at one time, my parents, and my boss. Without them, my bread would be pretty dry,and hard to swallow, geez, without my parents, I wouldn't even have bread!! I use that to this day. I may not agree with everything my employer does, but....they are the ones who slap the butter on my bread twice a month.This saying is not limited to a job, it suits life, as a whole. Some say to "remember which side the bread is buttered". If one looks about, and can clearly see who supports them, who gives them friendship, love, and makes life a better place, then, one must always remember, they provide the butter..butter is one of my favourite things, along with chips and, of course, bacon!
  One of the other sayings.."don't shit where you eat". Hellooooo...along with the "piss pot out the upstairs window" hearing my Mother say shit, always made me stop and take heed. My parents seldom used foul language in our home, and shit was a pretty "dirty" word. She generally used "crap", so this one certainly made it's point. Again, this moral,perhaps has lost its shine. I see people shitting where they eat, all the time, and...they seem to come out smelling pretty damn rosey. When I was given this tidbit, it was because my Mother tried to teach me, to leave my personal (home) life outside my workplace door. She always told me, to keep job and life separate. As I have aged, I see the importance of this. I understand, work should not rule one's whole life. To find peace, and relaxation, one must be able to separate, something I often find a struggle. But, shitting where you eat, basically means, don't mix business with pleasure, because this will cause some pretty huge potholes.  Maybe messing about with a co-worker at the annual Christmas party, and then surprise..you have to go back and spend the rest of the year attempting to deal with the ramifications. Maybe telling your boss something very personal, and then having to face them day after day, knowing they know far too much about you. Fellow employees and employers, are not always the best choice for social partners, because......so much rides on how you get along.
  Oh don't get me wrong, I consider some of my fellow employees friends..LOL..you know who you are, and that hasn't changed, some days are better than others, but I do need you in my life. I simply mean, do NOT try and mix work and what a person needs outside the daily grind, to find peace and relaxation, and that time that is suppose to be your profit from working so hard. When your job becomes your life, what exactly are you working for?
  I have been feeling like there is an awful lot of farting going on where I eat. I am not quite sure what I have been eating, that is causing this gas. But...I still want butter on my bread. I need to have the cement barricade lifting off my shoulders, and cut back on whatever shit I have been nibbling on. I know what is important in my world, and I am finally going to listen to my Mother! Bring on the Butter, and the Bread, I want the things I once had,the things that made my job, perhaps not so much enjoyable, but certainly not dreadful. I want to be able to laugh, and spoon that butter in big gobs, on thick pieces of bread, with those who matter most..my friends, and my family.
  It is well past time to have a picnic, to eat where there are no piles of shit, to find peace and relaxation, and enjoy the butter, after our hard work!