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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Collateral Damage

Collateral damage is damage to things that are incidental to the intended target. It is frequently used as a military term where non-combatants are accidentally or unintentionally killed or wounded and/or non-combatant property damaged as result of the attack on legitimate enemy targets.  Earlier today, I read some comments on an individual's Facebook page. Oh, not a page of a friend's, but a page a friend had commented on, so...Bazinga..I get this status update. Hey, as someone who has gone through a huge whack of grief because someone decided to drag crap from Facebook into a work place, and then stir it all around, making assumptions, and then creating a monster that chewed a giant hole in our world..I should tell this person to watch their back..but, screw that!!  
 I have reached a point in my life, where I say what I think. What I spew is my own personal opinions, and....I do NOT have a career, or a job that requires me to be politically correct. I have nothing to lose, that I haven't already lost, at least once. My Facebook comments, well..surprise..that is me, myself and I, and again, when I spew, I do so, with the full understanding of the fact, my words go everywhere. In case some of you don't realize it yet, just because the rest of the world is not on your Facebook page, it doesn't mean that through others, what you put out there, will not go places you don't intend.
  So..regarding the comments. I think most of you have listened to enough from me, to understand how I feel about the rights of First Nations. Oh, sure, I hear all kinds of complaints about how they think they have the power to stop all that the average working person feels should continue, without any claims by FN.  I understand, especially recently with the news stories about this Band Chief, or that Band Chief giving themselves massive salaries, and perks, and bonuses. However...facts are, this happens in all walks of life. We have those in the Church, siphoning money to their own pockets, we have those in the Banks, shuffling funds for their own benefit, we have stock brokers, and Social Assistant workers, and Policemen, and Lawyers. Look into our governments, and see the worst of this..So, why are we so disgusted with the dirty players in FN's? Why because of a few bad seed sell-outs, do we decide that we don't have to follow the promises given? Why are so many stating that they don't have to continue with the agreements, because they didn't have anything to do with what happened?
  See, I have been a victim of collateral damage, more than once. I am more than positive, I have a whole whack of damage coming at warp speed in the near future. There are few things that damage a person, more than someone else deciding they do not matter in the grand scheme of things, no matter if it means ripping all their rights, and hard work away from them. I hear the words.."Why should I work hard, so they can benefit? Why do they get to have a say? Why do we have to listen to what they want? This is 2014, we have been here for decades, and worked hard for what we have!"      
   HELLO!!! Back in time, someone made promises, and agreements to get what they wanted. Perhaps they didn't think of the future, they possibly just thought for the present, for the fast gain. Now, that thought process is hard at work right now, once again with the leaders of our country. They are busy making agreements, and promises with a whole other country, for the quick buck. They are not thinking of the ramifications of what they write down, and sign..do you think it is because they figure they will simply do like they have done with the First Nations? Do what the majority of the country feels is fine, renege? That is what all of you people who whine about First Nation's rights are condoning. You feel that they are simply collateral damage, time to take back what was given (funny, as a child, someone who gave something and then took it back was called an "Indian Giver"). Apparently because you feel that there should have been some very small print with a time limit, because since you feel you have paid taxes and worked for 2-3 decades, and your parents and grand parents came to this country 60 years ago, you want everyone to be equal. Sorry, that is not the way it works!!
  The thing is, folks, you want to change the rules, you want to erase the promises, because you feel they don't suit you, lift the lid to Pandora's Box (read the story if you haven't heard of this). Go ahead, take back all the promises..agreements mean nothing!! Open up a world of no rules. Let the bank decide they can make more money selling your home to someone else, and rip up the signed papers. Let your neighbour decide they want your car, ownership means nothing. Let the government decide they want all your money for taxes, because they claim they need it. Let the employer bring in workers from Timbuktu, because he can pay them far less, and you are simply collateral damage. Let the words of Joe Blow be accepted against your word, because the law likes him better, so off to jail you go. See, perhaps all of this seems silly, but..when agreements, no matter how long ago they were made, become impediments, the right thing to do, is work around them, not rip them up, and flush them. It might not be the easy thing, but it is the only thing, if we are to live in a civilized country.
  All of you who are whining about First Nations rights, watch your backs. If our government continues on the same track as they have been traveling, very soon you will find yourselves in their same moccasins. Your government has been making agreements with China, taking all sorts of rights away from Canadians. Your environment, your natural resources, your jobs, your voice, it is all been compromised. Now you can cry how your family has been in this country for 60 years, how you have worked hard for your money, and position, and your property, and you will have your rights trampled by a totally different country. Nope, no help from government, they sold you out. Screech about the rules..they don't matter, you helped rip them up.
  Facts are facts! It is very easy to find agreements signed by Canada and Great Britain, they loved to make some pretty fancy paperwork, and the National Archives are full of this stuff. That paperwork is what our Country was built on, how we became a country full of immigrants, with the First Nations agreeing to live peacefully, and allowing the newcomers to share in this great land. Rip up the promises, show the world we are not the trustworthy, friendly Canadians they think we are. Let the rest of the world see greed and corruption, and liars...Hey, your call. I myself have come to realize I too, do not matter, my voice is not heard, and what I have worked hard for, will be taken away, I am simply collateral damage...and soon, I will have plenty of company!