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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


  I know, we are heading into Christmas, and Halloween is lost past..what's up with the ghosties? Well, I figured I would go on about my take on ghosts, and maybe not so much goblins, because, like old Mr. Scrooge, this is the beginning of my ghost season.
  It seems someone locally has recently claimed to see a ghost in an area I have spent much time over the past decades, without so much as a shiver. Do I think it is possible? Sure...Do I think it is likely the phantom has been hiding out in there for umpteen years? Nope!! See, I do not doubt many stories of the "supernatural" simply because, what the heck do we really know about this? It is on the level of UFO's, of which..hummmm...well, that is possibly another story for another time. I will say,perhaps what this person experienced is a vision of her own. This I believe strongly. I have no doubt when loved ones leave this world, they do not simply evaporate.
  Have you ever found yourself in a new place, and suddenly felt all the hairs rise on your arms, and tingles down your back? I have! What seems like a lifetime ago, my BFF and I set off to travel about my Dad's birthplace. Oh, I loved visiting Nessie's Castle, and traveling across the river on a Ferry, and driving about the countryside where he had spent his young years. But...I needed to see the big sights. I needed to stand in the shadow of Stone Henge, and visit the Tower of London, all of which allowed me to feel the centuries of time, and the thrill of placing my feet where  those I studied in Social's class, once stood.
  I am not sure what brought us to the one place that allowed me to feel what I expect is a massive connection to the past, but the moment I stood on the grounds of Culloden Moor, I was stunned. The energy that surrounded me, almost felt like a blow. To this day, I cannot even look at a video without the hair raising. Do I know of any ancestors that fought in this terrible battle, no, but that does not mean they never did. Was it just the energy left by all those who had died in this place? Perhaps, perhaps I have the ability to feel the loss, and there are other places of great battle, or disaster that would affect me this way. So, I am open to accept that others connect as well.
  At my workplace, we have some who refuse to go into certain buildings at night, because they have seen someone, one swears it is a woman, another claims it is a man. One is frightened of the woman, the man, well, he just flits in and out. Hey, who am I to dispute this?
  We all dream. Our dreams often are filled with loved ones, who have left us, even beloved pets visit our dreams. They can feel so very real, so real that when you awake, you are upset, you wish the dream could continue, and you could spend more time, visiting. Why is it not possible for the visits to occur outside sleep? I for one, believe they do. I firmly believe if you open your mind, and concentrate, you just might get a gift.
  This special time of year, when family and friends make the holiday, is the time I look forwards to. Oh, it is not like when I was young, looking forwards to the presents, and baking. It is not like when my children were young, and I couldn't wait to see Christmas through their eyes, or , my Grandchildren's eyes. I look forwards to the connection to those who I miss so very dearly. The one special person, who I miss the most, my Mother. See, perhaps it is my own emotions, perhaps it is my imagination, but...she will visit! I will feel her, right beside me, not always, not everyday, maybe not even Christmas day, but, sometime during the holidays, she will be there. I have had moments throughout the year that I know she is close, the two shells that showed up out of no where, hey, no one else may understand, but, I am positive that was her. Others do not see her, they don't feel her, it is only me. They will see the joy I get, they will see the comfort, the visits are only mine, my special gift, from the one I miss the most.
  So, Mr. Scrooge saw 3 ghosts, his past, his present, and his future. A life cannot be lived without energy, energy is everywhere. protons, neutrons, we don't wander about with electricity sizzling all about but...there is energy. Science does not have the answer to everything. Memories, letters, pictures, all of these can produce emotions, emotions need energy, energy is created when one cries, when one laughs, when one moves..this energy perhaps is what allows those no longer "living" to be felt. Who knows??? I just know, I cannot dispute what others claim, I cannot explain what I have experienced..so...I certainly look forwards to at least 2 of my three ghosts, and the future, well, I would prefer that one stay in the dark.