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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Different Rules for Big Business

 Well, anyone on my Facebook can see I posted a newspaper article written by a group of big business folks in B.C. regarding Site C. Of course, being business, they are telling everyone that going with the 3rd Dam on the Peace is the best choice. They speak of the thousands of employees they have, and what this will do for industry. The group is composed of a few in the mining sector, of course the big guy with the Chamber of Commerce, and.....in amongst the others is a name that helped put our lives in the toilet, along with 184, others. The man who runs a consulting business. Now, this person, not only owns that company, he is apparently branching out, with a new company. O.K. the company is not so new, it has been sitting on the shelf for some time, very quietly, however, it is now poised to grow, as ...wait for it, a trucking company.
 Big business seems to have a whole whack of different rules. Well, maybe they are not rules, more like loopholes. If you can afford to hire some great legal minds, you can hide things, and pretend they never happened. Only months after taking one company and flushing it, along with about 2 million in unpaid wages, and somehow forcing leased vehicles, and equipment to be sold to assist in paying your "secured" creditors (those other folks, along with yourself,
 wealthy enough to have legal assistance) pennies on the dollar in loans, you can apparently just brush yourself off, and try a different one.
  You can simply pretend that you were never a part of this disaster, and focus on your primary company that is blossoming away. You can envision a project that will mean more millions in your pocket, and then act like you are the voice of knowledge. People across the province see your name, along with your peers, and perhaps have heard of your "shiny" company, filled with professionals, who get all kinds of benefits, and take part in various charities under this company name. You appear to be an amazing man, who has grown an amazing company from the ground up.
  Well, along with quite a few other folks, I have a glimpse of the man behind the name. That name played stock market games along with a group of buddies, gambled millions on a company, that pretended everything was fine, lied like sidewalks when questioned the facts, and allowed 184 of those thousands of employees, to fall into serious hardship, after working a month for free for his company. Oh, oh, he was smart, he made sure his name was not at the top, handed the management of this company over to one of his other business friends, and sat back as it shriveled. But, facts are, this WAS his company. The offices of this company were located right next to the blossoming company. When he helped screw folks out of their rightful wages, not a single piece of the sh*t went next door, because....he had enough money to protect his a$$ets.
  So, when I see an article, telling myself and everyone else living in British Columbia, to accept this massive project that Hydro and our government are trying to shove down our throats, I see the words a little differently than the average reader. I see the words of big business, looking for the next fortune they can lasso. I know one of those "writers" is a man who does not care what the costs will be. I see a man who doesn't care about the past, certainly doesn't give a thought to the future, one who only lives for the present, and strives to ensure he gets every piece of the pie possible. I see a man who can lie, and allow slave labour, a man who makes a huge mistake, and then covers it up, and pretends it never happened.
  The Chamber of Commerce is beside him. Hellooooo..really???? Do they accept 184 employees screwed blue and tattooed? Is this person a prime example of business in B.C.? Is this the man who truly knows what is best for the citizens, the taxpaying workers? This man who  allowed 184 people to work a full month, knowing they were not going to see a dime. This man who when things went south had his legal experts fighting for 200,000 he claims to have loaned the company, all the while ignoring the fact that his employees were losing homes, and suffering. Did he step up and offer some compensation? Hah!!! Nope, he just ran into his other offices, and hid in the back, trying to keep his skin covered, so when everything settled, and the f*cked company was officially bankrupt, he could come to the surface, and sit down with his buddies to tell us what we should do.
  So, when you read articles..that will impact your world, and..again I tell you all, Site C will impact every single person who gets a Hydro bill in B.C., check out the people who are claiming they are handing you the facts. Cripes, even my tiny little blog..go and check out my spews. I am not an expert in anything, beyond toilet scrubbing. Use your own common sense, do NOT take the word of someone who appears to be a successful business man, because, behind many successes, there are more failures. Personal failures are one thing,but failures that cause 184 people serious negative impact, should certainly have some bearing on the amount of water your words hold.
  He can pretend he didn't screw up royally, and head off into the sunshine in a truck with a different logo, but....some of us don't believe a word he says, and if he is in cahoots with the others who put their names along side his...I don't believe them, either!!