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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Going on a Lion Hunt..

Hah! No, I'm not really going to hunt Lions. Just seemed like a fun title, so, there it is!!!
  Actually the Lion hunt song, was something we used to sing when I was young, so because I am about to head back into the past, it is suitable.
  How does one subtract decades from their lives? Simple, they arrange for a whole whack of folks they grew up with, to return to their hometown, at the same time. Oh, I didn't arrange it, goodness, that is well beyond my capabilities, I am just going along for the ride.
  What do you think it will be like? Imagine, all your friends from high school (keep in mind there were 8 in my graduating class) disappearing for 30 years to various points of the globe, and Bam!! all of a sudden, they reappear. Whoa, this is going to be wild!!
  I have been pondering this experience for almost a year. My main goal was to connect with my BFF, we were joined at the hip when we were 12, and she was my shoulder through a huge section of life. We were extremely lucky to find each other, growing up in a isolated community, with no TV, no road out, a person needed a best friend. To say I love her, is an understatement. She became a part of me. Over time, we somehow drifted apart. I thought of her often, but, as happens in life, we went separate ways, and I missed her dearly when I was down. I could go months without remembering the comfort of my friend, when things were good, or too busy to take time to think, but, out of nowhere, something would happen, and I would feel the tug at my heartstrings, missing the 1 to my 0, lol. yes, she is tall and slim, I am short and dumpy, and we have been this way forever.
  My BFF returned to my life, after children, divorces, and loss of parents. When my dad passed away, I came back from my hometown, to pick up a ringing phone, and hear the voice from my past. That is when decades were forgotten, the voice was the same, it was incredible. My friend had lost her parents, she had battled Cancer, and I had not been there for her. But she suddenly returned to my life when we were both "orphans". We e-mailed for years, and it was wonderful, but...both of us realized, sometimes you think you have all the time in the world to put off getting together with those who are special, and suddenly, things can happen, and you have lost that chance.
  We finally got together just awhile back.It was spur of the moment. I had 20 hours to get ready to see one of the most important people in my life. I didn't have time to get my hair done, and a new outfit to hide my imperfections, it was now!My honey was with me when the two of us met up. I think he was at a loss, as for both of us, the world stood still. Time had not passed. We clung to each other, sobbing, and laughing. 30 years apart, and life had come full circle at that moment..
  I am afraid my BFF will not be coming to this reunion, however, she has lifted a huge weight off of me. I realize time has not been kind to me, in the physical sense. I have more than my share of wrinkles, flecks of grey show in my hair, things sag, joints make noises, and I definitely go to sleep much earlier. But, she was blind to that, in our eyes, we ageless, so....if there are any of you folks worrying that you have got older, and maybe your hair is thinning (or you have somehow lost it) and crumbs from your meals often get lost in the folds of your wrinkles..let it go! To see a face from your past, and hug someone who was there through your growing years, is a sense far beyond visual.
  Going to miss my BFF, but, looking forwards to a real blast from the past!!!