Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


WhoooHooo..it's here!! The day off I have been looking forwards to forever. This is the day that everything I have had in the back of my mind to do, will get done!! Yes!!! Oh so many things. Move this from here, put that there, drag this inside, put this downstairs, and on and on and on. Hah!!What am I doing? I am still sitting here in front of the computer, debating what, exactly, to do first. This debating is wearing, I am soooo tired. I don't think I can possibly get more than one of the thousands of things done, and cripes, that one is pushing it.
  Oh, the biggest issue, holding me back, is, most of the jobs require more than one person. There are many little jobs I could do alone, but..no, I feel I must wait until my son wakes up (which may be much later.ooops, make that, will be much later) and those little jobs, well, gee, I suppose I could do most of them after work. Why waste a day off?
  Instead I sit here. This has become so frigging addictive, I am blown away. Who imagined millions of people hidden away, sitting in one room hour after hour, living their lives? My friend tells me, my computer is my hobby, I don't know. I think my computer has become my life!!
  What is the first thing I do after getting out of bed? Used to be, I would head off to the bathroom, not now, first thing, I click the on button to my world, then I go to the bathroom. When that is done, my world is on-screen. Cripes, then I have to leave it for yet another minute, turn on the Tassimo, and get my caffine fix. I almost hate sucking that last mouthful back, because I must leave my life sitting for moments again, wasting precious time. Do I have to shower today? Damn, yet more time away, what will happen in the moments I spend ensuring my hair is not sticking up? Really!! There has been no morning that I missed a damn thing, during bathroom, or coffee breaks. WTF am I thinking? Do I imagine a message popping up stating I must immediately respond, otherwise I will miss out on a Million dollars? Or, maybe a suddenly medical blurp, stating the coffee I am drinking is contaminated, and I will suffer a painful death , unless I stand on my head, within a specified time.
  How the hell did I get myself into this? Really, I have handed every single free moment to the computer. I am addicted to free casino slots, I click into my e-mail every 15 minutes, hoping there is a wonderous message from a dear friend (seldom there), I forget that I have tied the dog outside, when I get caught up in something. I can blind myself to all that must be done, simply by sitting in front of the keyboard.
  Something that used to be a way to communicate with friends far away, has consumed me. I love my honey, but, I will leave him sitting alone, to go into my other world. I get mad at my family for sitting there with their damn cell phones, pecking away, in their worlds. I don't have a cell phone, too high and mighty to pack one of those about, instead, I have my hulking desk top. I think it is better my internet world is not portable, I would be a wasted pile of human flesh, if I had access 24-7. This way, I actually accomplish work while at my job. I think, deep down, I realize, if I had a cell phone, I would simply disappear from the real world.
  I think it is time for an intervention!! Holy crap, I need help!! I use this machine like an appendage. It is my mouth to the world. I enjoy spewing my guts, I love the ability to connect instantly to government, companies, groups, that I don't agree with, and spit my venom. It is a relief to mutter to myself, as I type what it is I mutter and send it off to the source of my disagreement. Yes, I have said, I really don't give a rat's a$$ about what people think, I have to state my opinion, but, HOLA, I disagree so much, I have made this a full time position!
  Oh, the blog, it is a small part of this, and I will never stop popping in to speak my mind. I just have to try and wean myself. I have got to get back into the real world. Maybe it is O.K. to spend every free moment in the midst of winter, sitting here, pretending I don't live in the sub arctic. Now, it is attempting to be spring, my yard awaits, my housework awaits.
  I will have to assure myself that the moment I go off-line, I won't miss something incredible. I will have to accept scrolling through Facebook. Friends won't mind if I don't comment within moments of a message, right? They will understand, there is another world out there, and I have to go back, to the sunshine, and living.
  Wish me luck, just have to get dressed first, apparently that is a requirement , nightgowns are frowned upon outside!