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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just to Clarify

.I got to thinking...Never a good thing. I realized that, perhaps folks will think I have a hate on for Chinese folks. I don't want anyone to think that!! I don't personally know any Chinese people, besides those who stay  where I work. . I certainly am not about to judge a whole country, on certain individuals, that would be silly. Those who work with me, know that I have a soft spot for "Tseng" but, I don't know him. I just know, when he told me his name, that is what his soft voice sounded like, a door chime ringing...T'zing". I only know a few individual traits, some I like, some I don't like at all. But...I do NOT hate any race, creed, or colour.
  The single reason I have ranted about Chinese, is, because my country appears to be selling our natural resources out, to another country. It could be outer Mongolia, whatever, a sell out, is a sell out. I realize times have changed from when I was a child. Back in those days, the Chinese were down trodden. They were a poor country. This is not so, any longer. It appears the rest of the world (well, North America) has managed to borrow from this country, and owe it immensely. It seems every country is trying to vie for the favoured place. People turn a blind eye to a country that does not follow the UN. I used to think UN countries would try to stop bad stuff happening. Now I shake my head. Although we know bad stuff happens in this country, we pretend we can't see it. We pretend atrocities do not occur in a place that can hand over a pile of cash to our leaders.
  We have North Korea doing nasty things, and threatening countries, but....they are close knit with China, and heaven forbid we do something to offend the country attempting to buy ours. So, we just sit back, and hope for the best.
  I just find this very wrong! I don't care if Timbuktu wants to be a communist country. I never lived in one, therefore, perhaps the majority of those who do, like it that way. Again, who am I to judge.
  The most recent news story of the Bangladesh factory devastation, has everyone up in arms. Clothing that sells in our country, is being made over there for pennies, in unfit factories. OMG!!! Really, are people so very, very stupid they were unaware of that? But, hey, suddenly it is offensive, companies using people to produce stuff we buy, for  lower prices. Do we, as consumers really get such a huge discount, because they pay low wages? Nope, not really. If a company can lower their production costs, are they in turn,going to pass it on to consumers. F*ck no!!They are just going to put more money into their pockets. When you purchase Joe Fresh, are you thrilled that it is only costing you what in truth is, an average price? It's not dirt cheap, nothing is dirt cheap!
  So, what do we do as consumers? Well, you can stop buying Joe Fresh, but...trust me, just got a set of curtains from Sears, and guess where they were made? Pakistan!! Oh, I am sure the factories there are so much better!! Clue in, you know the truth, you just pretend to be blind. If you really want to make a difference, research, buy stuff only made in North America, and see how limited your purchasing is.
  The governments have condoned this. They sit back, and allow business to use 3rd world countries to produce almost everything we consume. We don't have anywhere near the factories we used to. Companies are simply a head office in Canada. There are no jobs to go along with anything retail, besides the finished product.
  Guess where we get the lion's share from? Yep, China!! This country does not accept our standard of human rights. They do not accept our standard of safety. Do you think mines, and factories in China are safe? Come on, admit it! You know damn well they have very low standards on anything. They are a country full to the rim with humanity. Folks are killed in mining disasters continually. Babies die, from plastic in the milk!! Cripes, people!! 
  So, to attempt to stop this rant from going south, I will simply attempt to clarify my feelings. I feel it is disgusting that our governments can shake hands, and put a for sale sign on everything that is a part of my country, to another one, that has achieved wealth by not conforming to basic Human rights, as we know them.
  I do not have a hate on for the people of China, I have a hate on for my government bending over to kiss the A$$ of those running the country of China. I do not want to wake up one day, to find there are no jobs left in my country because...besides Joe Fresh, everything else is made in China, thanks to all the natural resources we have sold off. Don't think the fact that to get a job, you need to learn Mandarin is far off, because.....trust me, it is here already! Maybe not all jobs.... yet......
OMG....I just read this over and I sound like one of those crazy bomb shelter people!! Time to see the shrink...ooops, we don't have one here. Guess I'll just continue ranting!