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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 26 April 2013


So, I have been doing pretty darn good, for about a week now. I decided I was going to remain calm. Have a semi-plan for the future that is pretty appealing, something to work towards, and life is looking up. Work is slow as an escargot, but, keeping busy doing little projects, not pushed to the limit. it's all good. Crap has been sliding off , like rain on a oilskin(my own analogy) and I was pretty impressed with myself. I have been keeping a sense of humour, perhaps a tad on the sarcastic side, but humour , none the less.
  I hate stress. It hits me like a brick wall, ties my stomach up in knots, makes every bone in my body ache, and sucks the life out of me. Then, I have a long climb back to "normal" which takes me weeks. Folks who don't stress likely live much easier lives, but, cripes, really, how do they keep it from affecting them? Everyone I hang with, has had their moments of stress, maybe they don't dwell on those moments for weeks on end, but, I do!!
  So, been fluttering along for all this time, closing my eyes to anything that would set me off, and it's been a pleasant ride. However....sometimes no matter what, things pop out of nowhere, and Bazinga!!! Stress is blinking like a fricken Las Vegas sign, and today it happened!
  Did my morning at work, drove home, let the dog out, and had an amazing (if I say so, myself) meatloaf sandwich. That was so good, I had two!! Lunch hour goes fast, in these parts, let the dog in, headed out to the car, backed up in the driveway, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something odd. Hey, you may think me amazing, to notice something out of the ordinary, with my pea sized brain, and poor eyesight, but there it was. It was a small hill on the side of my house......Hello, this requires closer inspection. Parked the car, got out, and walked over towards the hill. F*ck!!! One of the ginormous Spruce trees had come right out of the ground, and was heading over the fence in the direction of my neighbours cabin and house.
 Yep, sure, sh*t like this always happens when my honey is gone for his 12 days away. BAM!!! Stress hit!!!Not sure why my idiot mind follows it's stupid route, but, back in the car, and off up the hill to my buddy's house to get help from her hubby." Aha", he says after my rush of explanation. It seems only moments before I drove into his yard, he had a visit from tree removal guys, and happened to have their card. OMG, my heart was pounding, my stomach was twisted, and I had visions of this tree destroying a wonderful neighbours property, and insurance and all that crap. He called them, and thankfully they were just outside town, and would turn around and meet me at home.
  Now, I think you might have clued in, I am cheap, I am , as my mother would have said, so cheap, I squeak. For once in my life, I didn't even think how much this would cost, I just knew, I didn't have a choice. Back home, and bouncing, as the tree squeaked, and wobbled about. My other neighbour wandered over, and checked things out...ooooohhh, it's bad!! Crap!! Like everything else in a time of stress, it seemed to take these guys a lifetime to get to my place. They get out of their truck, and look. Holy cow!!! O.K. stress level up way more notches. Winds are gusting, noises are louder, and my neighbour is not home, and I don't know her cell. Yep, thing is going to cause some serious damage, got to do something fast. No work truck with a bucket, can't get to the top, because the damn thing is out of the frigging ground.
 Funny, stress can cause some pretty weird sh*t. It was like little electrodes were stuck on my feet, why the heck could I not stop bouncing? I was like a pogo stick. Each bounce was filled with tension, like my muscles were going to suddenly snap, my back was stiff as a board, all I wanted was a glass full of whiskey. WTF!!! Why that seemed to be the answer, is beyond me, but, instead I ran in the house, and swallowed an Advil.
 With my neighbours help, huge chains were tied around the falling tree, and the huge one in the middle of my backyard. I have been assured it is not going to fall on anyone's property. I sit here typing, and see the great big chain outside the window bouncing up and down, like a ships anchor. I have placed my faith in those who are experienced. The river has waves , and the trees are swaying. I hear each one , bashing my windchimes, and curling my toes. I can guarantee, I will NOT sleep tonight, with visions of the wind suddenly turning, and the tree crashing into my house, instead.
 My neighbour has returned home, I informed her how close we came to disaster, and she thanked me, for being so observant Hah!! Just a fluke of fate, observant, I am not, well, maybe sometimes...She looks forwards to watching the performance tomorrow. I, will take yet more time off work(didn't go back after lunch) and, will have to dig deep into my pockets to get this bloody job done.
  So, welcome back stress!! I gave it my best, really wanted to enjoy tranquility, but...the oilskin is off, and the crap is sticking once again!!!