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Monday, 15 April 2013

The Quiet One

By now, most of you know, I am a mouth piece! Those who grew up with me, likely knew that long ago, and the few who have decided to be in my teeny tiny circle of friends here, clued in early, and for some reason, tolerate me, still.
  Have you ever heard (I know you have) "opposites attract?" They have to, there is no way in this universe that one home, could hold 2 personalities like mine. There simply has to be Ying and Yang. I have been thinking (an awful lot of that going on lately) and, you know what? Ever since I was a kid, I have had one beside me, that was the peace to my war.
  KP, and many of you know who this is, you were the quiet one. We spent our teen years glued to the hip. We were, in my Dad's  words "Mutt and Jeff". I suppose I didn't realize back then, that I was the big mouth. Maybe it was because I had not got to the point of openly verbalizing, like I do now, but I expect when folks think back to the good old days, they remember you as the nice quiet one, and me as the one who didn't shut up.
  I wonder if some of this occurred because I grew up in a home where "Children should be seen and not heard"? Cripes, perhaps I bottled so many years of not being heard , that I am just catching up? Hey, I know I am not the only one in my family who likes to talk, so perhaps it is genetic?
  So, I had my BFF to balance me when I was learning to become an adult. Maybe KP was a mouth piece as well, I was just louder? We will never know, and she remains, one of the quiet ones.Oh, there were one or two friends, who, when I think back, were on the same track as me, but I think I knew they were competition, so I stuck with the quiet one.
  Now I have my honey. What attracted me to him? Well, I can't tell you the honest truth, it would embarrass our children,lol, but, part of the attraction was, he was quiet. Really, maybe he was beyond quiet, he was so reserved, he seemed to set himself apart. It was apparent he was special. He was clearly much smarter than me, and did not have the need to use his voice to be noticed.
  In the beginning, I had no hope that we would even become friends. But, we were in the same course, along with a group of his friends, and somehow, I became one of the Foreman(woman) and, sort of his boss. I joke that I told him, if he wanted to keep the job (we did jobs within the course) he had to be nice to his boss. That isn't true, of course, but, somehow, over time, we became a couple.
  Now, here's a tidbit. My honey is 9 years, 6 months and 18 days younger than me!! When we became a couple, our relationship was not something others accepted. Besides the age difference, my honey is Gitxsan(Native) and I am not. We didn't have too many people in the ballpark, giving us odds to stay together. We had a small group of co-workers who socialized with us, but they were not in favour of us being together, either.
  I could go through all the crap that came at us right from the beginning, and even writing it now, I would wonder how the hell we managed, but we did! We are going into year 28, and I love him as much as I did the first time I saw him. I doubt he thinks this every time I go off on a rampage. I won't say I have never flung the "hate" word at him, and I can't count the times I have threatened to pack my bags, because life has become too hard, and I don't want to deal with it, and he can't find an instant fix to shut me up.
  But, I have come close, twice to losing the love of my life, in the past few years, and I realize I would be lost without him. I understand how very lucky I was to find him, and get to spend my life with him. I hear friends tell me, how lucky I am to have someone who is so calm and patient, and, here it comes...quiet.
  I try and tell these friends, he may appear quiet to them , but, sometimes silence is louder than my screeching. This man can speak volumes without opening his mouth, he can shut me up with only a few words,(when they finally sink into my thick skull) . He is definitely the Ying to my Yang, and we are the perfect example of opposites.
  I will tell you the secret to us staying together all these years, something he admitted to me when I apologized once for going off the deep end. He didn't hear me go off the deep end! His gift, is the ability to tune me out. When I start on a rampage, it seems he goes deaf! All the energy I expend screaming and hollering, is wasted, because he does not hear.
  So, we are perfect. If he was loud, the battles would have worn us out, if I was quiet, the silence would be deafening. We are opposites, and , we overcame all the obstacles that said we should never last. I am so very grateful I found the other 1/2 of my world!
  I love you to bits and pieces, Chuckla. Just had the urge to tell the whole World (well, my little Blog world) this. And I thank you for being the quiet one!