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Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Political Opinion

WooHoo....I decided, although I have folks who read this, in other countries, and provinces, it is time to state my personal political opinion, on B.C.'s upcoming election.
  I can take the heat, but, I just have to tell you, all, I think we are totally F*cked, either way!! Unless, every single electoral district gets an independent in, you can kiss B.C. goodbye, until we get a grip, and start from scratch.
  WTF!!! Do none of you remember what the NDP did before? Oh, suddenly they have turned a new leaf! They are going to make sure that the working person gets a fair shake, and all the money they throw into the coffers will not be handed out to social programs. Oh, yeah, and they are so frigging green, they will stop the pipeline, get a grip!!! They will not stop anything, except progress.You are looking for a knight in shining armor, and Adrian Dix, is not shiny, he is coated in the same crap as the others, beyond dull, he is rusted!! If you tie your hopes to this, you can expect a visit from me, when I can't pay my bills, because no one in my family has a job, and welfare doesn't cover the costs of living in the frozen north. So, in your minds, the NDP ideal of throwing money into what they like, is a good idea? Well, folks, where the h-ll do you think that money is going to come from? Right now, we are told we don't have money for education, health care, social programs, seniors, etc etc. Hummm....if you can show me, how Mr. Dix will dig more money out of his a$$ to pay for all of his promises, along with the promises to curtail the biggest tax dollars, the province is getting right now, I might just vote for him!!Get a grip on reality, this little slime ball has lied blatantly to the people of this province before, is he really the only choice his party can come up with?
  I wonder why, like District Managers, politicians, are simply recycled. They screw up, fade into the background , and suddenly reappear to run again. Is there no one else?? My thoughts are, they are professional liars, and have honed their skills, and there are none better at lying. Politics is simply an area, where liars are the norm. The people of the province accept these lies, and like little blind bats, continue to allow these cheats to step up to the stage, and control our money, and our rights. We are fools!!
  Oh, don't go thinking Christy is my choice. Not in a lifetime!!Little nasty chipmunk!! I am so glad we don't see each other in close quarters, because I would love to slap her silly!! She, also, is a lying sack of Sh*t!!Did you know, between herself and Mr. Anal, Campbell, they have devised a system in parliament, that does not keep a paper trail? Yep, things are passed simply through private e-mails, conversations, and phone calls. Nothing on paper!! Helloooooo...does that seem right? Folks have no clue what is happening, because there is no record on the proceedings. Really, people, these are the ones who claim they have your best interests at heart, well...if you ask me what I want, I don't think we are on the same page, chapter, or even, reading the same book!!I do not think, in a democratic country, that government should be able to sit behind closed doors, and make up rules that suit them, and then dump it on the people!
 I am so fed up with closed doors, in-cameras, etc etc, which allows one small group of people to do as they please, without answering to those who employ them. Yep, that is what we do, we employ these idiots. We pay them, to have free reign with our province. I am beginning to wonder. do folks go into politics, with the single vision of that dangling carrot of pension? We have to continue paying even the biggest twits, once they leave (or get kicked out). They have the ultimate government job, the golden egg. We pay for every slime ball that last long enough, no matter what lies they have told, or thievery they commit. Is there not something wrong with this system?
  Just think, if we had all the money we pay out in pensions to the losers, what we could do for our debt! Oh, they deserve this money, because they ultimately sacrificed for their province, or country. Helloo..again, they get paid!! Maybe the actual yearly income is not the top end, but, folks, we all know the perks. These people do not suffer because they left their jobs to play in government. I imagine the Green party folks might not get as much as the top two contenders, but, doubtful they are concerned about foreclosures, or having their utilities shut off.
  I worry, beyond, worry, I am frightened! Those folks who work in government jobs, and with that, I mean, things like education, health care, social services, you are all looking to the NDP to make your lives better. I do not think that you don't deserve better, however, unless you get yourselves a huge raise in pay, which you then dish out ginormous tax dollars, who is going to pay for the budget to cover the costs?
  I know the majority hates oil and gas, they used to hate logging, and mining. I have been through all that. Remember the "spotted owl"? The truth of the matter is, the money to pay for all those programs, must come from somewhere. It is always the nasty black place. The glitch in the vision of Utopia. The coal miners kept Nova Scotia going, the goldmines kept B.C. going. The tailing ponds, the mercury, the pits, the slag heaps, that was what made our province, one of the richest.Logging put millions into our pockets, the clear cuts, the big beehive burners, the trucks rolling down the highway, the harbors filled with logs.
  Are we, as a province, suppose to rely on tourism? Are we to leave the whole pristine? Perhaps we can live off the land, again? Hey, I could!! Living off the grid, is my new dream!! But...the reality is, I can't afford to live off the grid! It is not the easy thing it used to be. I have to purchase land, that isn't cheap. I have to get my permits to use a rifle (ooops, not something acceptable) perhaps iIwould buy traps(also not acceptable) I would have to buy seed, have you gone shopping for that, lately? I would have to cut down trees, oh, and then, bathroom facilities...hummm...likely not acceptable!
  Again, folks, Utopia does not exist!! It is not possible to have your cake, and eat it too!! So, the future holds one of two possibilities. The NDP will get in, and our debt will go through the roof, because it is easy enough to dish money out freely in the beginning, but, it is not a cornucopia. The bottom is closer than you think. Or, perhaps, somehow, Christy will manage to suck us in. Then, we can (especially us in the Peace) work our butts off, be drowned in a brand new Asian reservoir (in the Peace, again) send off all our LNG to China, be ruled by China, and have Mandarin as our required second language. We can allow folks in Vancouver, and Victoria to continue thinking they are so green they croak, while wages go down in the oil and gas sector, because the Liberals have handed out a new set of rules for folks who will allow our province to pay off our debt.
  Like I said, this is my personal opinion. I am not out to ravage the land, I don't want oceans destroyed, I don't want forests cleared, I don't want lakes poisoned, or fish and wildlife to be wiped out. I want regulations, and rules, and policies, and a focus on the future. I want progress, but not at a cost we cannot afford. I do not want to have more programs, and social welfare increases, when a closer step to Utopia would be a job for all, and a sense of self reliance. I want my province to be capable to giving those who live here a quality education, a medical system that cares for everyone,and social programs that protect and support those in need.
  That would certainly be damn close to Utopia, and the two folks who are in the running to control the future, are not offering anything close. Thank goodness I can step up to the plate, and actually vote for someone, he will be a small voice amongst the howling baboons, but, perhaps, he will have others beside him?