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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Public Washroom Etiquette

Well, you have all heard about our public washroom! It is a disgusting place, even when it is clean...The roof has about 4 leaks, which, when it rains, will drip ugly brown filth down the walls, across the sink, and all over the floor. Upon entering this Men's room during the monsoons, a person would perhaps think that someone before had simply used the floor to void their bladder.So, along with the continual pigs that don't know how to poop properly, or use the toilet paper..we have that yuck. It stinks, not sure where the smell comes from, toilets are cleaned daily, urinal is cleaned, and has it's lovely little blue puck, but that smell is somewhere behind the walls or ceiling, or maybe the floor.
  So, one worker gets the awesome daily job of going into the Men's room, and ensuring it is cleaned. Oh, we don't have one of those lovely "Washroom is being Cleaned" signs, or even a "Closed" sign. We just have to cross our fingers, knock on a partially open door, and pray no one answers.
  Anyhow, to continue, we then push the door open slowly, saying "Hello.Housekeeping!" Now, just because no one answers, doesn't necessarily mean no one is in there. Has happened far more than once..open the door, and there are feet under the two stalls. I have not had the "pleasure" of finding someone at the urinal, because we can generally see the figure standing there before the door is totally opened....So, if the feet are obvious, we will simply say "sorry" and leave.
  The problem arises with those who see fit to enter the room while we in the midst of cleaning!!
  Come on Guys!!! Just because a female is cleaning, does not change the fact that she has feelings. We are people!!! How can a man see fit to enter a room, with two stalls, one of which has a woman scrubbing crap off a toilet in, enter the one directly beside, sit down and proceed to poop!!!Oh, it gets worse!!! We have grown men who will actually stand at the urinal!!! WTF!!!!
  Let's put things in context...So, you have met the woman of your dreams. You plan to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you, and head over to the future In-Laws. Maybe you spend a weekend with the parents. One morning you wake up needing to pee..off you go to the family bathroom, and your dream girl's mother is cleaning the sink in there. You mumble "Good morning" and proceed to stand at the toilet and pee, while she scrubs the sink. Hello!!!! Not going to happen, you say.Well, guess what? My 20 year old daughter cleans the Men's room, my 60 some yr. old friend cleans the Men's room, and it is just as bloody rude for you to do this in front of us, as the future Mother-in-Law.
 I pray that the men in my life have more couth than these creeps.
  Most of these turds are middle aged, very few young cuties bare their private parts in front of the flipping toilet scrubbers. Do you do this because you think we find it attractive? YUCK!!! Or, more likely you do this because in your mind we are lower than human. Well, brain wave....we are wives, mothers, sisters,and daughters just like the women you have in your lives. How would you feel if some other creature performed bodily functions in front of your wife or daughter?
  Get a clue, and join the real world! We will be happy to leave, if you simply give us a moment. Apparently the room is entered at the very last moment your bladder or butt cheeks can hold. We can either ensure you have a clean toilet to sit at, or urinal to spit your damn chewing gum, into. Because you have proven that some men cannot possibly do two things at once, chew gum, and pee!!!