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Monday, 16 July 2012

Go into the Light!!!!!

Or, perhaps I should titled this, "Shatter Young Joy"? Honest to goodness, you all realize by now that my job is not one that offers much pleasure, or fun. I have had to work hard to find a way (with the assistance of my buddy) to survive the constant crapola. It took us a few years to enable us to search for something in the day to day drudgery to fixate on, and wring out some humour. One day, I will go into "restoralax" as it was just a word, but provided us a whole day of belly laughs.
  Oh don't think this has been easy. When we first started, we were not allowed to work together. This was basically so that Nurse Ratchet could ensure we did all the areas, so she could spend her days pretending she was indispensable.When she realized that she could simply step aside, and somehow the two or 3 of us could finish everything without her lifting a finger, we were able to work together whenever. Oh, that brought it's own problems, suddenly we were informed we were never allowed the same days off. Hummm..why was that? Well, simple, had to ensure at least one of us idiots was there to manage the workload. Is this sounding like a Union job?LMAO!!!! Years with the rule we were not allowed all weekends off, in fact years when one person would end up working 13 days in a row, simply so they could have that one weekend off. All rules made by Nurse Ratchet and condoned by the office.
  Zoom ahead to present. Got a couple of us old biddies still hanging in there, and still putting in a full days work for our pay. Raises have become a thing of the past, we are like the rest of the province 0, and then 0 again. No benefits (aside from a 1/2 price meal during your shift) and extremely low moral.
  We have, however, got a group of young people who have decided to work for the summer, and save up for school etc. They are bright, fresh and full of energy. The weirdest part, they all get along!!!What a pleasure for us miserable grunts, to have them skip in each morning, all smiles and jokes, ready to tackle whatever job there is. They don't moan, they don't care that they are being sent to the outlying areas, because they are young and the Bizarro world has not conquered them ...yet.
  But, it appears that happiness is not allowed. For the past few days, when all the hotel was one big strip, I sent the 3 jolly cleaners off to do a huge area. They worked well together, perhaps they joked and laughed, but they did the job. My take was, if they get a list, and I can be sure when they show up at the end of the day, the list has been completed, that is a good thing. I could have separated the list, but with one vehicle, it just made more sense to let them work together.
  Today, as two of the group were on the last rooms to be done, apparently the employer found it annoying that they were working together. Hello....these girls have been doing that for some time, and they have produced more than enough . They have managed to complete a large percentage of something that was extremely overwhelming, and instead of kudos, they are told that they cannot work together any more! Apparently they were informed that sometimes they are not allowed to have fun, because not enough work gets done.
  If the employer had come to check with me to see how much work they had actually accomplished, perhaps they would have clued in. They work as a great group, and the company is getting their monies worth out of these young people. Instead, one person sees others finding enjoyment in their job, and must rush right in and destroy this. Yep, this is certainly a way to boost moral. Lets separate everyone, lets make sure each person that comes in to work each morning, becomes as miserable as everyone else. This is bound to keep our staff levels high.
  The sad truth of this is, these young people will leave. They are only here for the short term. They have no ties or commitment to this business, this is simply the job they are doing until a specific time, and then away they go. The job will not drain them of hopes, or dreams, or even the sheer joy of being young. They will not become miserable old husks, who cringe each day that they must go in the doors to start another day filled with physical labor and insanity. Those husks will miss the energy and pleasure of this group. The cloud will once again hang black, and we will cross our fingers that each one of these young ladies goes "into the light", which pretty much means they don't end up in the same damn tunnel we have spent years in.
  You get more bees with honey...you get more flies with sh*t!!