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Friday, 6 July 2012

A small tipping tip

Crap!!! First day off, and I see the two blogs I follow religiously, have posted new stories, now I am on a guilt trip. I honestly don't feel like bringing work into my day, finished 12 in a row, and that was total stupidity on my part. It wasn't a plan, just happened, and I will ensure it doesn't occur ever again! I am not the nicest person at the best of times, but this just makes me worse.
  So, as I sat, reading about the wonders and joys of my friends, I decided I would at least put a small blurp on here. I was requested to publish an experience of my co-worker a couple of days ago, so figured this would be the perfect time.
  This happened on a day that was filled with surprises. The surprises we get, generally are when a guest suddenly checks out, and does not inform the office. Oh, trust me, we have been burned more than once on these folks They are the ones that take absolutely everything out of their rooms, and we walk in assuming we have a strip. The office is told, and we strip the whole room. Ooops, lo and behold the next morning we see the same name on the book, idiot just didn't leave personal belongings when they went off to work!!! Folks, please, just leave something...so we know you are coming back. Anyhoooo...onto the story.
  We all filled to the rim with Chinese folks. Most of them do not speak more than basic English, "hello" or "I am O.K. No towels needed". In a place where nothing is normal, the added language barrier makes things totally confusing. We got information one room was leaving, and another person was taking it immediately. This made for a nasty rush, had to do the whole suite within a short time. Not impressed. My co-worker saw the guy leave, and he was not alone. This of course meant another room would be found empty. Sure enough, she found it. The guy had left huge rocks on the bathroom vanity, along with a large clump of coal.
  O.K. another learning experience. Do NOT REMOVE anything from these rooms. Apparently when one leaves, anything in the room may possibly be left for who ever is suppose to show up to replace the person leaving. We have had phone calls at home inquiring where the cigarettes that were left on the table went, where the two bottles of beer went, etc etc. Now, my take on this is, why not hand stuff to another person in the group who is staying, don't leave stuff scattered about for housekeeping to decide whether they leave things laying on tables, or in bathrooms. We end up with a "Catch 22" situation, if we leave it, we may get into crap for not doing a proper clean, or, if we take it, we will get a phone call requesting it be immediately returned.
  So, the rocks were placed in a box, along with the clump of coal. All the dirty dishes were washed, the egg shells and greenery (lettuce, grass, and clover) removed from the floor, and vacuuming commenced. I was surprised when my co-worker came dashing across to haul me over to her building. She kept insisting I had to see something for my blog. Yikes, that is never good. If it is blog suitable, it must be strange, right?
  She took me into the room, and told me to look on the floor by the vacuum. I saw what appeared to be a very large Corn nut, but I knew it wasn't.....Nope, there on the carpet was an extremely ginormous Molar!!!Well, I know for certain, this did not fall out without some sort of warning...Was it a tip? As we can not longer be certain what is left for the replacement person, it along with the rocks, was bagged up and placed in the office..just in case.
  I know I have mentioned, money and chocolate are very acceptable tips for the toilet scrubbers. But, on the off chance you wondered...We do not require fingernails, or.....teeth. I know, the old saying "Tooth and Nail" but, really.......