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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Truth Does NOT Prevail

O.K. let's try this again. I already sat down to put this into words, but, just didn't do it justice, maybe this time will be magic?
  Years ago, we had a co-worker. She worked her butt off, often doing 11-12 days, just like my buddy and me. She would have to travel about doing the outlying areas, and then come back, like us, and often have to do most of Nurse Ratchet's work as well. To say she devoted herself to the job, is an under statement, she worked herself sick!!!
  When I returned to the job, last time, I promised myself I would not allow myself to follow in her footsteps. She felt working like a dog, would somehow earn her acknowledgement, and appreciation. Instead, when she pushed herself over the edge to perform her job, and became unable to continue, she was basically left to dry on her own. There was no concern, no assistance, in fact, she requested a simple signature to allow her to apply for government EI, which would have been an easy matter, and a small price to pay for basically causing her problems. I can easily imagine her shock when she got a negative on that, and some other nastiness along with it to boot. She proved to all of us, no matter how hard you worked, this business would never consider you anything more than someone who expects a pay check, and is definitely not an asset.
  So... years later, this person decides she is ready to pop back into the work force. Oh, she was well aware, going back into Housekeeping was not a possibility. Besides the physical part of things, she would have to deal with all of the crap that comes sliding into our work area from the office. She had seen an ad to do outdoor work, something she enjoys, and decided she would go on in and speak to the employers about the job.
  Now I know what this person went through last time, so when she says she laid down her terms, I am sure she did exactly that. She gave them her price, and her rules. She told us that when she did this, two of them were in attendance. One actually hugged her when she went in, the other cleared a spot beside them, and had her sit down to chat. Apparently her terms were acceptable, and everyone was smiles and chuckles. The dratted job that they could find no one to do, was finally going to be done, and by someone who took pride in her work, bonus!!!
  Well, she worked hard, place looked better than it has in all the time I worked there. She was happy, we were happy. She did such a good job, that things we used to moan and groan about, were actually getting done. It was nice to see her enjoying her work, as well. But, it didn't take long before the nastiness started to seep out. The original owner was on her about rocks, and such, talking about her hauling them away...they were bloody boulders that had sat there for years, he figured they had only appeared when she started, Hummm...perhaps she threw the 100 pound rocks in his parking lot?
  On payday, the fairy tale came to an grinding halt. She had to clock in, the same as the rest of us, but her agreement also included use of her own personal tools, which were to be paid along with the wages. It appears folks were not listening when the conversation happened in the office. I expect they were just so happy to get the dirty work done, they simply closed their ears and nodded. When the payment for the tools were requested, it was given the next day, along with the words from the owner..." don't you have something to discuss with her?" Yep, guess there was something. It seems all of the hard work done by this person was too expensive for these folks, they just could not afford her costs!
  So...this person worked like an idiot, got every area cleaned up, in about 2 weeks, looking better than ever before with previous folks taking far longer to do shoddy work. She was at the point were her hours would drop because now she simply had to maintain what she had bushwhacked her way through, and BINGO, kicked to the curb, yet again!!!
  This just proves, some business owners are in business, simply through the luck of the draw. They have no business sense, they have no morals, they have absolutely no decency. They cater to those who "come from a good family", or "have good connections" or" have worked with us for years". They don't have the ability to see an amazing asset to their company, those are just to be used when necessary , and then disposed of. Now they have the job that was bothering them done, and done well. It will be a simple matter of hauling another of the disposables out to fill this spot.
  I am not Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) or Henry Kissenger, and definitely NOT Mother Theresa. I don't go looking for a good cause, I have enough problems attempting the twists and turns of my own life. However, sometimes, when a co-worker is treated so badly, especially a second time around, it is impossible to overlook.
  There is no happy solution to all of this, in the unfair world, it would be her word against those in power. But , I hope that the knowledge that her side of the story is believed by most, gives her a tiny sense of satisfaction. I can't say the truth will prevail, because in Bizarro world that is never going to happen. But, there is always next year, and the same job will come up again, and this time, whoever is foolish enough to walk into that office and offer to come to some sort of agreement, best get it in writing, and more than one copy!!