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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Horse Shoes

  I wonder what the stats are on companies that are built from the ground up, by a person, who has to learn every single aspect of their business, and those that are run by folks who has no clue about the basics? I expect those who have no clue, rely on others who have experience to keep them informed?????
   Hey, I have seen more than one idiot get handed a business, who simply ignores the day to day issues, plays big boss, and somehow walks away smelling like a rose..
   It is the frigging Horse shoes!! Yep, some folks have a couple pairs of those shoes shoved right up their behinds. Oh, if you look closely, they are all bow-legged, it seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable. I am wondering, if you listen carefully, will you hear them clang when they walk? Maybe that is why those I have known with the Horse shoe syndrome, are always nasty. Hey, I expect I would fly off the handle after sitting on my A** all day, buttering folks up, and then having to stand, with those heavy metal things caught at the end of my bowels.
  Some of those with  HSS (Horseshoe Syndrome) start to bloat after many years of carrying this weight around. I suspect the continual food intake, does not get the same chance as the rest of us, to come out the back end, because of the obstruction. Those must have shoes that are perhaps tipped a little. Do you think if you took those folks by the feet, and shook them upside down, the shoes may realign?
  Then we have those who have found the solution, there is a magic fruit that allows the crap to find it's way out around the shoes. This appears to happen when they reach a certain age (old). I guess they have had the ability to try many foods, and they pass the secret onto the younger ones, but, the magic fruit does not seem to work as well on the youngsters, something is missing.
 The HSS is amazing. When you think the person has gone over the line, and decided on something that is so insane, it is not possible, BAZINGA.. they shake their A**, clang the HShoes together 3 times, and the impossible happens. It is totally amazing.
  Oh, we have all heard of those "born with a silver spoon in their mouths", right? Well, I think the HSS folks started off as embryos consisting of a small Horse turd.. Their mothers fed them a ton of s*it as they were developing, and when they arrived, the little silver spoons that were shoved down their throats to shut them up, evolved into those shoes. Just my theory....
  Do we all want HSS? Hummm...Well, along with the perks of being the slime that always rises to the top of things, it has it's downfall. To keep those shoes from falling out, the syndrome needs a continual supply of s*it. The folks are filled with it, so much so, that those who come in contact are often revolted. They attempt to disguise the stench with their own perfumes. Money is their favourite. power is a close second.
  You often find the HSS sufferers gather together. Perhaps along with the shoes and sh*t , there are flies, that the average eye does not see. Something draws these individuals close. They convince each other that it is their business minds that allows them to continue to succeed. They do not comprehend that the rest of the world actually has to plug their noses when required to be in close proximity.
  So, you decide. Do you want the rest of the world to plug their noses when you are near? Do you want to have to pay for others to hold their breath long enough to "play" with you? How about the bloating? Sleeping is likely very uncomfortable with those heavy weights shifting about.Horse shoes will rust, as well,.Yikes, that might be dangerous, unless you can find someone to spray a can of TremClad up your butt every decade or so.
  Myself, I will just accept that I was not conceived from something that came out the horse's a**. Whatever my mother shoved down my yap, was definitely not a silver spoon, and that I can be thankful each time I stuff myself full of food, there are no obstructions stopping the sh*t from making it's way out.