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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

You're a Mean one...

I am so riled up, that I am writing yet again. Not even sure what I am going to write, so haven't put a title yet. Yes, I am still ticked about the frigging Grinch putting a stop to the smiles. I am tired of being tired.
  This has been a very tough couple of days. The job that we just finished has been hanging over my head for some time. Then to find my bud was heading off on holidays when the big move occurred, I became even more stressed. This was what caused the crickets to buzz. Those crickets were totally full of sh*t!!! I know, I had that "coming storm feeling", but there was a reason for the feeling. Apparently the story we were fed, was a complete and utter fallacy. So, all this time, I have worked myself into a fit of fear, because someone felt compelled to tweak the truth.
  Oh, there was a semblance of reason given for this line of B.S. but, truly, as those, who were the only ones impacted by the work required, why were we left in the dark? Arrangements were made, extra people were called in, folks gave up days off, this screwed with all of us.
  We accomplished everything that was required. I had to contact those who had offered to assist, and inform them they were no longer needed. So, now if this does happen in the future, what do you think we should do? How many people do you think will be willing to change all their plans after this joke? Hah! Not yours truly!!!
  This intense pressure has not been kind to me. It hung over my head through my days off, my camping trip, my sleepless nights. How we were going to manage? It was the topic of all conversations between my co-worker and I, with all of us. It had been discussed often with those in the know, why didn't they speak up?
  It is one thing to give your all so that your employer has their butts covered when they commit to something extreme. There was just enough sense of work ethic to dig deep and ensure this was completed on time. Now, I feel like I was abused. I am not saying the work would not have been done as quickly, if we had been told the facts, however, the extreme pressure that we have been dealing with for weeks now, would not have been there.
  Covering up the facts from employees, and allowing them to believe they must push themselves for the good of the company, only to offer the truth at the last minute is, in fact cruel. To expect those who have stepped up to the plate not to be upset, is silly. To have one day when thanks are given, and the next to be told that you can't work with a partner, although the job was completed on time, because you worked as a team, is insane.
  Truth be told, I could not find anything the past 2 days to laugh about, but I spent the past while working alone, and working my buttocks off. I know if my co-worker had been here, we might have found something to brighten our day.
  Perhaps miserable, used and abused, worn out, broken down, wrinkled idiots are the prerequisite of this job.  I do know for a fact, that if I had to come in and do this job, day after day, all alone, I would not be here, now. One of those in the laughing team will be on her way in a few weeks. They will not have to worry about the amount of work done, as she will not be breaking the gloom with her giggles. Yep, it appears she does not suit the position along with her cohorts. No fear, Mr. Grinch...Whoville will be quiet soon, no laughter in the place. Smiles will skitter out the door, and frowns will fill each face.