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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Great Expectations

 I know, today I am a little touchier than usual. That is not a good place to be, when you are me, or, worse, when you are those around me.
   See, tomorrow, something that has been hanging over my head for a long while, will have an answer. Well, not really an answer, more of a tid bit of common sense, placed on it. Tomorrow is the day the government has decided to let the public in on what the esteemed panel of experts, who listened to all sides of the Site C Hydro project, said in their report.
  Now, I listened to all the audio, recorded in each and every meeting these people had. I honestly think they were unbiased. There is no doubt they are very learned, and to my seasoned ear(LOL) I felt that these were people who would speak the truth, and put the real facts out to government. They don't seem to have anything to lose, what..maybe the chance to do this again? I am sure they were well compensated for this study, but they had one hell of a job in front of them. To be human, and have to spend day after day, listening to heartbreaking stories, and an overabundance of facts and figures, to ponder over once the meeting were over. Wow, to be able to remain impartial, I commend all three of these people. 
  I sit here, pretty confident that their findings oppose the building of Site C. Not because of the sorrow it will cause many families, not because of the sheer destruction this will cause, but, because it is obviously NOT needed. It is, in fact, one of the most expensive propaganda attempts by our government, ever! I have told you, time and again, how much I hate math, and how it is not my finest talent (not sure what exactly my talent is, yet, but, it's not math), but, even my pea brain can see we do not need it now, nor is it likely we will in the future.
  Site C will never allow the people of this province to have affordable hydro. Affordable hydro is definitely a thing of the past. How can something that will cost so very much, and take so long to build, lower our electricity costs? We are now experiencing a rapid increase in our hydro rates, and..we haven't got a 10 billion dollar add on  yet. come on, really, someone has to pay for it, and there is only one person that can possibly do this, the BC Hydro owners, that's you and me. Yep, like everything else government, we are over spending at an astounding pace. We are in the red, but, for some reason, those at the top feel, the way out of the red, is to go so far into it, perhaps it will change colour. No...a deficit will not be fixed by adding 10 billion zeros to it. One does not have to be a genius to recognize, this is not a solution.
  Therefore I feel that 3 people, unbiased , with a pretty high intelligence quota, will immediately see this would be an overwhelming burden, with no benefit to the people of this province. Oh, they have likely seen that the destruction this will cause, is unacceptable, but, if, in fact, it was a positive thing for the province as a whole, perhaps their decision would reflect this?
  Yes, I am putting my thoughts on what this report will state, before it is made public. I am doing this, because I think those on the panel were, indeed, honest folk. Those across the province who have only heard specific pieces of this project, have based their opinions on the tiny sliced of information. The three panel members heard the whole damn thing! They heard all the studies, and calculations, and estimations, from Hydro experts. They heard from experts in everything imaginable, opposed to this project. They heard from landowners, and First Nations, who would be impacted by it. They taped every single word, and had every single paper ever written on this project, and they promised to remain impartial, and to simply stick to the facts.
  The facts are, Site C is a bad idea. It is not only bad for the people of the Peace River Valley, it is bad for the province as a whole. It is a waste of money, for something that will not give the price back to those who pay for it. It is a losing gamble.
 So, tomorrow I will see what the panel members suggest. Then, sadly, I will see our government continue to shove this down our throats, because they refuse to listen to reason. This is my Miss Cleo prediction. Ms. Clark's ministers will convince enough people that they know better than a panel of experts, what is in the best interest of our province. Remember the HST? So, like everyone else who has been waiting impatiently for this report, I figure I will experience a moment of joy, when I read what they suggest. That moment will be wiped out instantly when my government decides to totally ignore common sense, once again. I do have great expectations, but, I also understand the Tower of Power, is not getting enough oxygen.
                                                      SAY NO TO SITE C