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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Not Significant

 To be a loser, is never an easy task. Even when you acknowledge you are fighting a losing battle, to reach the end, is still painful. People fight for what they love, their family, their home, their rights. I have fought this battle twice since living in the Peace. The first battle, was personal, and although we won, the battle left scars than will never heal, and I often wonder, if it was worth the time and energy.
  This battle is one that I fought along side many. Oh, they likely never saw me draw my sword, or heard my battle cry, but, I was screaming as hard as I could. I thought I was right, no, I knew I was right! I took the time to study, and I weighed the pros and cons. I was not mistaken, and I will never admit that my side was wrong.
  I was wrong, however, to think that common sense would win the fight. I was so sure that those who would not profit, would see the insanity..they did not. Perhaps I do not understand impartial, that's likely my problem, these folks were just looking at facts. They stated that people would be hurt, but they also made a statement that I found unforgivable, and that was the fact that our farmland is worth more under water than above.
  Yep, good for those elsewhere, who can step on over to Granville Island, and get their wonderful fresh produce, f*ck they have folks bringing in fresh stuff on a steady basis. Now, along with all the other crap that one must deal with living in a fairly isolated area, we won't get fresh produce, and our fish and wildlife will be poisoned or drowned. Excellent! Again, it is apparently all for the greater good of the province.
  Well folks, fine, have it your way!! Follow your grinning chameleon Crusty, destroy this whole damn province!!Oh, keep your cities intact, for goodness sakes, can't have anything marring your freaking exhaust filled air, and your incessant need for electricity. Just pretend this is magic, you get your lights and gas through a wave of a wand. You can blog on about how you buy your food grown within your backyard, and how the rest of us should be following your lead, and being healthy, and driving electric cars...Stick it up all your butts!!!!Each and every one of you are hypocrites, you close your eyes to what price is paid for your enjoyment. Stay in your cozy little apartments, with glass walls that light up the night skies. Suck back your sushi, without fear of mercury.
  Every single moment of enjoyment you get in life, has been paid for by someplace far enough from you, that you don't care. Take a little drive out into the countryside..well the countryside close to the city that is so very important to the ALR. Enjoy your pretend time, breathing in the scent of hay and manure. Don't give a moments thought that somewhere, far away, others will take a drive to see nothing but water, where there was once farm. That water is there because you, sitting in front of your holier than thou healthy 100 mile bean sprout dinner, wanted to be green.
  Funny, those of us who must pay the price for you to hold your heads up high, feeling you are green, don't think this is anything close to a greenish shade. How can something environmentally friendly, destroy an enormous land mass? How can something green kill wildlife in abundant numbers, and fill fish with mercury, and destroy forests? I can't grasp a single morsel of green in this.
  I read the Panel report, and the one word that kept twisting my gut, was significant. They stated over and over how they determined "Not significant" in regards to ungulates,and agriculture. OMG, really?
  I wish, really wish, all those yuppies and health fiends, and nature lovers would have to stand as close to the river banks as possible, when they fill the river with water, and the lands disappears, along with the animals and birds. How can something so massively destructive not be considered significant? What would the citizens of Vancouver say if suddenly Stanley Park was covered in a huge lake? Oh, my, that won't happen, they need their little piece of nature, and think of the animals..Stop the Grizzly hunt, stop the whale hunt, stop cutting old growth trails..but, hey, go ahead, flood the Peace Valley, and drown everything, because...it's not significant!!!
  Can you tell I am pi$$ed? Well, I am!! It has become clear that the hardships that we endure living in an area that allows our government, and the citizens of this province to enjoy all the benefits of warmth and light, is simply not significant. I suppose more than pi$$ed, I am sick to my stomach, disgusted, and devastated.
  As I stated a long while back, I cannot possibly stay and watch this horror take place. I feel like someone in the midst of a Godzilla movie, havoc is imminent, and no mitigation by man can ever make this right. This is a man-made, super colossal mistake. Too bad no one sees the significance .....