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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Leaning Tower of Power

I expect almost everyone has a Facebook page. Lately the advertising on there has been catching my eye, I can usually ignore it, but...Then there is youtube, I do pop in there every so often to check out music. I have no clue how advertising works when it comes to the internet. Absolutely no idea what the costs to have the damn commercials before I can view a song...not sure about you, I realize youtube must make money, but,gee whiz, why is our provincial government dishing out money to advertise on youtube? They have advertisements all over facebook as well. I am getting just a tad fed up with this. I am not fed up with advertising, as I understand, this pays for folks to have an internet business.
  What is pi$$ing me off right now, is cut backs, and yet, Crusty's publicity folks throwing stats all over about how rich our province is, or will be.
  See, again, I am pro pipe-line, just spent 15 minutes taking a freaking phone poll, regarding this. I have no issue with progress, as long as it balances with nature. I would not be concerned if, in fact, as the phone poll informed me, these wonderful companies were in fact accommodating the people affected. I would not be concerned if they were truly addressing all First Nations concerns. I would not be concerned if truly, they would be handing over money to the people directly affected. I would not be concerned if every single person in British Columbia, including all of those in the small communities impacted by this enormous push, would find themselves employed in a mid-income job. However, this is not fact, and will prove not to be fact, in the future.
  My take on all of this, is, our government has decided to take out a Citifinancial loan, or even worse, a Money Tree loan. See, those lenders are last resort places for folks short on cash. They can get the money they desperately need quickly, but, HOLA, do they pay in the end. Hey, I have lived a long time, and hit hard times, more than once, so..I know how these loans hurt, one pays back forever. I remember the plans before jumping into these quick fix loans..Oh we will pay it back quickly, we will pay double, because we just need the money right now, things will be better in a few months, and everything will go onto the loan. Hah!!! Never happened.
  So, a few days ago, I see the pipeline propaganda....did you know that the money we receive from LNG will enable the province to build 8 new hospitals a year? Well, la-de-dah...really! What a totally idiotic statement. We live in a province that has seen almost every Doctor pack their bags and leave, for either Vancouver or, out of province. We live in communities with lovely clinics (this is a new phrase, previous local hospitals are now called medical clinics) we have receptionists, maybe we have a couple of nurses, we have visiting lab techs, and a single Doctor, if we are lucky. I see , every single year, massive fund raising for Children's hospital, tickets sold for hospital lotteries. I see communities fund raising for obstetric equipment, X-Rays, Cat-Scans. I see personal medical premium costs rising through the roof. Where the F*ck does all that money go? Our government cannot pay for our medical system, as it quickly crumbles away. But..hey, we can have 8 new empty, useless hospitals , if we are lucky enough to get Crusty's LNG.
  I see this morning, parents in the neighbouring community will be getting letters stating what it is going to cost them to have their school child ride the bus to school. I see that the school district has a whopping deficit, and has to find a way to cut costs. Helloo..when I went to school, in yes, a 3 room school house, my parents never had to send money. Not a single morning did my Mom have to dig out $5-$20 for something that was happening at school that day. She simply bought the listed school supplies, some clothes, and I was set. The school taxes my parents paid, apparently covered all costs involved. Not today!! Today it is a constant flow of cash out of parents pockets, every week brings another fee. Apparently school taxes are not covering diddly!
  So...I think Crusty has decided it is time for a quick fix, not matter what the interest fees are. With all this LNG money, she will be able to make up for all the rampant spending costs her and past government have done. She can open up a new treasure chest, and promise us all that we will soon be back on track.
  No matter how much money flows into our government , now, it will never ever be enough! Government has become such a parasite, it is a country to itself. Yes, another Vatican. The costs to run government have become atrocious, and every new dollar that flows into it, has already been spent, along with a dollar that isn't there. Trips, and parties, and elections, and of course that mighty advertising, just keep frittering every single cent away. Our Premier is never "at work" well, she claims her travels are work, but..if in fact our politicians took advantage of technology, used Skype, instead of hopping on a plane, actually spent some time in Parliament, watched the numbers in their budget, and put the money back into what it was allotted for, we would not need this quick cash advance. This big bundle of future cash, is. like our hard earned tax dollars, going to be wasted. They do not have to answer to those who pay them their salaries. When we question, they wave their hands, and give us some mundane reason we have to pay more.
  Instead of cutting school budgets, and allowing citizens to send money to keep school buses running, instead of upping medical premiums, but cutting service,if indeed we will have enough money to build 8 hospitals, which we do not need, lets put 3 of these hospitals towards school budgets, and 3 towards our medical service, and perhaps 2 of them into savings, or if Crusty wants, she can start to cover her freaking deficit, which herself and her minions have enlarged beyond belief.
  I would accept a few extra pipelines if I actually imagined it would fix the financial pig sty our province is in, but...I know it won't, it is just a whole whack more pocket money for our politicians! Their tower is leaning so hard, but if they can prop it up with the promised windfall from LNG, they might be able to keep it from falling over..for a little while...